1st Post – Purpose


Let’s get this show on the road!

When I created this blog back in mid-late March, I intended for it to mainly be a dumping ground for my thoughts/opinions on the latest Puzzle & Dragons (PAD) news, as well as for keeping track of Game8’s sub tier list (since Setsu dropped it from his Game8 JP Tier list posts). Let’s just say my plans were derailed.

Around April 12 or so, Granblue Fantasy (GBF) received an official English language option; and I began to play it. In short, I got hooked on it, and my interest in PAD waned. Game8’s sub list underwent a big change–it switched to a “top 5, and top 3 subs per attribute” format–but only saw tiny changes afterward, and now it seems to be discontinued entirely. Can’t say I’m too surprised, because the skill inheritance mechanic is quite a game changer.

PAD’s still a solid game, and it’s much more beginner friendly than when I started playing it two years ago. It just doesn’t light my flame anymore, but I’ll still collect daily login bonuses, attempt to clear new content, and roll for cute girls (June Bride special REM when?).

As for Granblue Fantasy, I’m surprised by the general lack of resources for it. The Granblue Fantasy Wiki is incredibly incomplete at the time of this writing, although the Rerolling and FAQ pages do provide some useful info when you’re starting out. In short, there is no equivalent to PADx for GBF, which is a bit of shame. If you want to keep up with the latest news, you’d probably have to hang out on a discord channel, IRC channel, subreddit, or /gbfg/. However, I imagine those places have a high noise-to-info ratio.

Anyway, expect this blog to be mostly about GBF-related things. I hope it may be slightly interesting, and maybe even informative.

P.S. I run another blog, but I’m still not used to this blogging thing and have much to learn about it. Please bear with me.

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