Apples to oranges perhaps, but I can’t help but compare how in-app purchases (IAP) differ between Cygames’ Granblue Fantasy (GBF) and GungHo’s Puzzle & Dragons (PAD). The most notable difference is that GBF has several options that allow users to outright buy almost any character they want via the beginner set (start dash ticket), and surprise tickets.

What are they? The beginner set is a one-time offer that lasts a couple days (I think two weeks?) after you make an account, and it lets you buy any character that is available on the day of account creation for 3000 yen (approximately US$28). If you don’t purchase it, it returns for 48 hours every month thereafter for eternity, or until you buy it. The surprise ticket is essentially the same thing, but the characters available may be a little bit different. Surprise tickets are offered randomly whenever Cygames feels like it. From what I understand, they typically come several months apart, though there was one in both April and May, which is unusual.

Can you imagine being able to buy almost any character you want in PAD for $28? Checking PAD’s magic stone shop, 30 stones cost $23, and 60 stones cost $44. Let’s arbitrarily assume $28 would nab you 40 stones–the equivalent of eight rolls. Good luck getting any 6* GFE or 6*/7*/8* collab roll in eight rolls in PAD, let alone the one you want.

What I’m trying to say is, the start dash/surprise ticket idea by Cygames seems pretty clever–you don’t have to be a super whale or lottery-winner lucky to assemble one ideal team with the characters you desire. I’d love to know what percent of GBF’s playerbase has ever spent any money (and the average amount), compared to PAD’s playerbase.

The other thing about GBF is that it kinda has a spending cap–if you make 300 rolls, then you have to collect a character/summon from a somewhat limited pool before you can roll any more. The idea is, if your target is something in the current pool, you are absolutely guaranteed to acquire it in 300 rolls or less. Of course, 300 rolls isn’t cheap. It’s the equivalent of US$865, an insane amount any way you look at it, but I wouldn’t be surprised if some Japanese PAD players have spent more than that trying to hunt down Eschamali or Dark Kali without success.

In short, it just seems to me that IAP in GBF is a lot fairer and better value than in PAD, and maybe GungHo could learn a thing or two from Cygames.

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