It’s been 10 Weeks of Granblue Fantasy

Still trying to figure out how to format these posts. I think I’d like to have one column show the weapon pool of this week, and another column for the weapon pool of last week, but I don’t know how to do that off the top of my head. Using tables, perhaps?

• Gained three ranks, two characters, and quite a lot of rupies.

Weapon pools:

After spending 5k pendants and getting a lucky flip, my dark pool is suddenly looking like something, although all the axes are 0*. The returns have been quite immediate, as I’ve found myself able to MVP or solo the extreme raids for the current Rise of the Beasts (Celestials) event. The other pools saw little to no change.

The Past Week:
• The Celestials event has been quite sweet. The rewards are pretty good, such as a quick 100k rupies; and tickets that guarantee an SR weapon.
• Speaking of guaranteed SR weapons, I used a ticket and acquired Lyst Sin, which meant SR Vira joined the party! SR Vira’s evaluation is decent, and thus she’s now the third ally on my dark team after Narmaya (Narumea) and Vania (Vampy).
• A random single draw of 300 crystals netted R Leonara. Nothing special, but I’ll never say “no” to new characters.

The Future:
• Legend fest just started, but I’m still broke and out of crystals after unsuccessfully chasing after Forte. I guess I may as well save up crystals for the summer gacha or something.
• Two row 4 classes, Sparta and Warlock, are coming very soon. Sometime on June 28 (in Japan), which is only hours from now.
• The journey drops shop is supposed to open up on June 30.

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