It’s been 11 Weeks of Granblue Fantasy

Couple days late on this entry, oops.

• Gained two ranks, 12(!) characters, and the rupies count tripled.

Weapon Pools:

A pretty quiet week in the weapon pool front, as I spent most of my time on the Robomi event (which is why the main weapon of my dark pool is an SR Luminiera [Chevalier] sword, and the Flohrenberk [point dagger] is in the pool).

The Past Week:
• I didn’t intend to go ham during the Robomi + Robomi: Generations story event, but I ended up doing so. I’ve already collected over 3 million honors, and have 270 gold battle badges. I did it in order to obtain a fully uncapped (max limit break) Robomi summon, and Gigante Launcher, an SSR dark gun.
• How did so many characters join my team in a week? Four came from SR weapon tickets from the Rise of the Beasts (Celestials) event: Zaja (dark SR), Helnar (wind SR), Eso (wind SR), and Daetta (light SR). Two from the story event: Robomi (light SR) and Nicholas (light SR). Two from the rupie draw: Will (dark R) and Garma (earth R). Finally, three from a 10 draw ticket: Richard (water R), Petra (wind R), and Claudia (earth SR).
• That same 10 draw ticket also netted me an SSR Bahamut summon. Thank you RNGesus!

The Future:
• The upcoming story event is “Dark Giant of the Blue Sea”, and I believe it’s a re-run. At least, I recognize Sig and Albacore from old Grand Blues strips. Long time players might balk at recycled content, but for newer players like me who missed out on all this stuff, it’s great. There’s a couple story event characters I wish I had (e.g. Selfira), and knowing that Cygames will do story event re-runs gives me hope.

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