It’s been 12 Weeks of Granblue Fantasy

A quiet week.

• 1 rank gained, and 3 new characters.

Weapon Pools:

This Week Last Week
week-12-dark dark
week-12-light light
week-12-fire fire
week-12-water water
week-12-earth earth
week-12-wind wind

Same story as the past 2~3 weeks. My dark pool just needs to keep being skilled up, and the Celeste axes need to be uncapped (limit broken).

The Past Week:
• Another quiet week as I unwound from the Robomi + Robomi: Generations event.
• The current event, Dark Giant of the Blue Sea, is kinda dull in my opinion, and I won’t be playing it much since I’ve already acquired Sig.
• I foolishly did a 10 draw on a boosted light rates day, and didn’t get any SSRs. It did net me J.J. (light SR) and Chloe (pretty new wind R), though I doubt they will play a role on any of my teams.

The Future:
• I’m steadily approaching rank 80. I plan to host a Proto-Bahamut raid ASAP, and use the poverty horn to forge an SR Bahamut axe (honestly, I shouldn’t have used the one horn drop I’ve gotten on the Bahamut sword).
• Swimsuit gacha in 2 weeks, perhaps?

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