GBF vs. PAD: Reset Bonus

Bonuses exist in both Puzzle & Dragons (PAD) and Granblue Fantasy (GBF). They are known as +eggs in PAD because dungeon drops with a bonus on them visually appear as eggs with a plus sign. Up to 297 +eggs can be augmented to a monster in PAD, with a limit of 99 on each of the three stats: HP, ATK, and RCV. In GBF; a character, weapon, or summon can have up to 99 bonuses attached to it. A bonus affects both HP and ATK in GBF, rather than a single stat like in PAD. The big difference between bonuses in PAD and GBF is that there is a mechanic in GBF to remove bonuses from characters/weapons/summons, without otherwise affecting them. It’s known as “Reset Bonus”.

It’s quite simple to perform a reset bonus in GBF. Navigate to an item from the inventory or upgrade screens, select the item with a bonus to see its stats page, and scroll down. Below the favorite/unfavorite button, there will be a blue button that says “Reset Bonus” (does not appear if there are no bonuses). Performing the reset bonus incurs a small fee, something like 350 rupies per bonus (e.g. if you want to reset bonus a summon with +6 on it, it costs 350 x 6 = 2100 rupies). After you confirm, a special orb item with a rarity of Normal (N) is sent to the “No Limit” section of your crate, with the bonus attached to it. The orb item has terrible stats and is essentially worthless, so you can freely feed it to other targets without worry.

In short, the reset bonus mechanic allows you to move bonuses from one item to another without having to sacrifice the first one. It would be absolutely amazing if such a mechanic were in PAD. There’s a lot of difficult decisions I’ve had to make, such as whether or not to sell an otherwise useless 4* roll from the REM for MP, or to save it because it had 44 +eggs. The reset bonus would let you keep the +eggs and sell the roll for MP. How good would that be?

Of course, things aren’t quite that simple. +eggs have become plentiful and fairly attainable in PAD. In the past, the major source of +eggs came from Ruins of the Star Vault/Starry View Lane, a periodic urgent dungeon that lasted only an hour, and Ocean of Heaven (OoH) on the weekends. Now they are often given out in large numbers on REM rolls during special occasions, challenge dungeon rewards, or easily farmed from 10x descends. Weapon bonuses in GBF, on the other hand, are scarce. They do not come from dungeon drops¹ (or if they do, it’s super rare because I’ve never witnessed it). I think they are really only obtained from the rupie draw (rupie gacha) and premium draw (legend gacha).

¹Edit 2016/7/18: Apparently, weapon bonuses can drop from Impossible (HL) raids. These raids cannot be accessed until rank 101, which I’d guess takes around 5+ months of playing the game for the average person.

Still, even if +eggs aren’t too rare in PAD, the fact is I would love to be able to transfer +eggs from one monster to another without having to sacrifice the first one. It sure beats mindlessly running Goemon descended over and over and over. Although I doubt PAD will ever have a reset bonus mechanic, one may dream!

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One Response to GBF vs. PAD: Reset Bonus

  1. WILLIS ONG says:

    hi there, i came across this blog as i was searching for answer whether the weapon will be destroy if i reset the + bonus on it, aka resetting my baha coda dagger bonus and move to coda gun. After reading from here, apparently it won’t. That is indeed a very good mechanism for GBF as their +bonus are indeed very rare compare to PaD as they apparently giving it like “free” compare to the past.

    I did play PaD last time too, and whale quite an amount to it, until to a point that i find it no point in doing so when I realise that GBF has more “friendlier” gacha system. Talking between this 2 games, just by looking at the giveaway during the new year 2017. GBF and other games like CGSS had given alot of gems/free draws etc over a few days to their players, but PaD only gave 1 free draw? That was pretty disgusting. I cant help to feel that PaD are trying to squeeze their players dry everytime they release new characters, and old players doesn’t not benefits from it, as we will get repeats and more repeats until to the point that there is nothing to buy in the MP shop anymore and your MP is stuck at max, which pretty much happened to my friend.


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