Quick Thoughts: “The Balmy Breeze and Foamy Deep” Event


That’s a lot of fish

Story-wise, “The Balmy Breeze and Foamy Deep” is very similar to “Dark Giant of the Blue Sea”. In both cases, someone is attempting to kill a big fish. While I find Sig’s story kind of boring, what elevates “The Balmy Breeze and Foamy Deep” are the amusing character interactions. Vira going full yandere over Katalina when competition shows up in the form of Lowain, Tanya trying to converse with others, and, of course, SOIYA.


I’m not certain if this event is the origin of the wacky trio of Jin, Soriz, and Eugen (things they have in common: being “old” dudes). I’m not sure if it’s the origin of SOIYA, a sort of GBF meme, either. But what’s that about? It’s a shout made while one is exerting physical effort, translated as “heave-ho”. There are three “Heave Ho!” stickers, “heave-ho” shows up several times in the Gran Blues comic strips, and then there’s Otoko no Uta (Song of Men). Whether this is the origin or continuation of SOIYA, SOIYA plays a part in making the climax of the story a lot more memorable than it should be.


The loot seems pretty good if you’re an aspiring water main. The event SSR weapon, the Swordfish, is a water katana with two skills: boost to water ATK (M), and boost to water HP (S). If for some reason you need a water katana, that wouldn’t be a bad choice.

The event summon is Ebisu, a (nice) boat. Like most event summons, its leader skill offers 50% ATK to an element (water in this case), with a drawback at 0*~2* (lower double attack [DA] rate). The active has a debuff that reduces enemies’ water resistance, which doesn’t seem too bad. It is, however, kinda niche in the fact that it wouldn’t see much use on non-water teams. Cocytus is still better, but I think Ebisu is far superior to Ikelos, the event summon of “Miscolored Memories”.

If you aren’t working on a water team, then there’s not much need for neither the event summon nor SSR weapon. In that case, feel free to go easy on this event.

Challenge Quest

It was probably the most difficult one I’ve encountered thus far. Most challenge quests are gimmicky (in a good way!), and more like puzzles to solve. “Use skill X at the right time”–once you’ve figured it out, challenge quests are usually a piece of cake. But not this time.

This challenge quest gives you an entire team to work with: Your main character, and five allies. Summer Elmott (fire SR), summer Lowain (dark SR), summer Eugen (earth SR) are in the front row; and summer Vira (earth SSR) and summer Tanya (dark SR) sit in the back. This is a bit unusual as the previous challenge quests I’ve played featured 4 characters or fewer.

Probably because they give you an entire team to work with, there’s more stages than usual in the quest. There were either 4 or 5, I don’t remember. The ones before the boss aren’t too difficult, and enemies frequently drop green potions. By the time I got to the boss stage, I had 7 green potions (2 from crew skills).

The boss, bonito, poses quite a challenge. It likes to do its special move where it jumps into the air before coming back down (“Aces High”), and it hurts. Those green potions will get used up quickly, and Elmott is pretty likely to get knocked out (which seems intentional, because Vira is much better suited to the fight). It’s a drawn-out affair in which there isn’t one skill that will clearly swing things in your favor.

A good earth or dark weapon pool is ideal for this fight. The guest characters were a lot stronger than my Djeeta, and the biggest sources of damage came from Lowain/Tanya’s charge attacks (ougi) as I am a dark main. As usual, it’s safest to play Dark Fencer (with an earth weapon equipped in the main hand), and I believe I set Arrow Rain III as the EX skill. My first two attempts were with the Samurai class, and I could only get bonito to 50% HP before I failed.

Heal with green potions and summer Vira’s 2nd skill, use summer Vira’s 1st skill to dispel bonito’s multi-attack buffs (the charm is pretty handy too), and time Vira’s 3rd skill so she bursts with the rest of the party. With a little luck, you’ll beat it.

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