It’s been 14 Weeks of Granblue Fantasy

Late post again, but quite a bit happened this time, including reaching a personal milestone.

• 2 ranks gained, no new characters.

Weapon Pools:

This Week Last Week
week-14-dark week-12-dark
week-14-light week-12-light

No changes to the other pools, refer to week 12.

I was finally able to forge an SR Bahamut Axe, and got enough renown pendants to get the first Celeste axe to 1*. The dark pool will be set for a long time until I get a cosmos axe (will probably replace the Celeste claw), and awaken/element change the nine-realm harp (GW harp). My light pool saw a slight bit of movement, but I still haven’t acquired a single SSR Luminiera (Chevalier) weapon drop yet.

The Past Week:
• Rank 80! Thanks to 1/2 AP co-op, as well as the July Unite & Fight (AKA Guild War AKA GW) event, I gained a lot of rank points. Since it’s week 14, that means I got there in approximately 3.5 months. Feels relatively fast. The people I know who started to play around the same time are all well behind, or quit playing already (except for one guy at rank 76).
• I gave my first Proto-Bahamut raid’s virginity to /gbfg/. I don’t lurk there much any more because the frequent garbageposting is tiresome to look at, but I’m still thankful to them for all the Proto-Baha raids I leeched in the past, so that was a small gesture to give back to them.
• The “poverty horn” reward for hosting and beating Proto-Baha the first time went into forging the SR Bahamut Axe. Thus far, I’ve only gotten one horn flip from leeching Proto-Baha raids, and it was a mistake to use it on the SR Bahamut Sword. Anyway, the Bahamut Axe is perfect for my dark team because the entire front line benefits from it–Djeeta and Vania (Vampy) are unknown type, and Narmaya (AKA Naru) and Zaja are both draphs.
• As usual, my crew wasn’t going anywhere for the July GW, so my only goal was to collect 3 GW harps so I could fully uncap (max limit break) the GW harp I got from the April GW. Mission accomplished! The first harp dropped in the first 200 rolls(!), but the second harp came at the very end of drawbox #2, somewhere around ~1400 rolls (out of 1455). Then I drew the third harp within 300 rolls.
• My crew’s rank for prelims (not that it mattered) was around #13k~#14k, with about 75% of the honors contributed by me. Sad as it was, it was a new record for us. I’ve been loyal to them since April, but I think it’s finally time to spread my wings and join another crew.
• SSR Gawain got his 5* form recently, and uncapping him cut my rupies in half (200k -> 100k)… but thanks to 1/2 co-op and GW, I made back everything I spent, and then some. Getting him to rank 100 will take forever, but considering how amazing he becomes, it will be worth it (he was already good at 4*).
• Cygames finally started cracking down on people who use tools to cheat at the game–unfortunately, this includes pokerbotting. I only pokerbotted a couple times sparingly in the past, but now I wish I had gone at it hard while I had the chance. Guess I’ll never get Anat from the casino, bummer.

The Future:
• The next story event will be a new one instead of a re-run. That’s fine–I bet the older players were getting sick of re-runs–but I hope they return to re-runs after it. I mean, I just really want to acquire SR Selfira. It seems the new event’s free character is another SR Jin, but in wind flavor this time. How many wind characters of the samurai mold are there, anyway? Well, it seems fairly novel.
• Since I’m essentially done with the July GW event, I’m unsure what to do at the moment. Try to grind co-op for more mage/warrior creeds, perhaps.

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