SSR Amira’s level 80 Fate Episode


The third and final part to SSR Amira’s level 80 fate episode contains the most difficult fate episode battle I’ve seen thus far.

But First…

In the first part to Amira’s level 80 fate episode, Amira is hungry (as always) when a character unexpectedly appears.


Yup, it’s Kaisar from Rage of Bahamut: Genesis (Shingeki no Bahamut: Genesis). For those not in the know, Amira came from Rage of Bahamut: Genesis as well, although it’s unclear if there’s seriously meant to be any connection between the animé and Granblue Fantasy (GBF). At any rate, it was cool to see a cameo appearance from him.

Lv.75 ???

Getting back on track, the first two parts of Amira’s level 80 fate episode have pretty easy battles. But in the third part, you face the “Lv.75 ???”, which is Proto-Bahamut more or less. I entered the fight blind with my default dark team, and got wiped out pretty badly. At most, I took Proto-Baha down to 70% HP before I failed. Clearly, I would have to build a team tailored to the battle.

Keys to the Battle

1) Veil or Clarity (Clear) to prevent or remove Ragnarok Field. Like the Lv100 raid version, Proto-Baha casts AoE Ragnarok Field on its first turn. Ragnarok Field is like poison–it deals damage to party members every single turn while in effect. It seems that Ragnarok Field is also triggered when Proto-Baha falls below 50% HP, and 25% HP.
2) Healing. You can only bring two–or fewer–green potions to battle, thanks to crew skills. Unless you have a super strong team that can wipe out Proto-Baha quickly, you’ll want some healing.
3) A damage cut. Unless you have a super strong team that can push Proto-Baha into break before it can ougi (or you somehow land Petrify [Fear] on it), you’ll likely eat at least one or two ougis from Proto-Baha. Even if you can do that, Ragnarok Field deals 1000~2000 damage to each party member (in addition to the damage-over-time effect) whenever it’s triggered.

As it turns out, there’s a character who fits all these requirements: Story Katalina. Katalina’s healing is on the weak side, but the cooldown is short and it makes a difference in the long run. Her second skill is a veil that prevents status effects, and the third is a 40% damage cut on a decent cooldown. She’s always been one of the best “free” characters in the game, and this was her time to shine again.

The Rest of the Party

As usual, I set Djeeta to the Dark Fencer (DF) class, and equipped her with a light element sword so she would have a better chance to land her debuffs. I set her EX skill to Clarity, which in hindsight was probably a mistake. I brought it as backup in case any debuffs/status effects sneaked by Katalina’s veil, but ultimately I never used it. Many EX skills could have helped more–Arrow Rain III to lessen Proto-Baha’s blows, Armor Break/Rage III to speed things up, EX Blind, or Bard Song (regen)/Just the Cure (the Alchemist’s party heal skill) for more healing.

Narmaya (AKA Naru) would carry my team’s offense. My only decent weapon pool is dark, and her third skill in the correct stance can deal incredible amounts of damage during the enemy’s overdrive state. She probably dealt 75%+ of the total damage in the battle.

Because the three characters I had locked in were all different elements, it was apparent my support summon would have to be 3* Grand Order. 3* Grand Order’s active skill gives 3 turns of 1000 HP drain to the party, so that also provided another source of healing.

For the fourth character spot, I chose Jasmine (earth SR) mainly because she’s the best healer I got. Katalina and Grand Order both address point #2, but I still wanted more healing to be on the safe side. Jasmine also has a pretty sweet debuff resistance buff that lasts for three turns, and it’s almost as good as a veil, so she could backup Katalina for point #1 as well. Lastly, she comes with a multiattack rate buff, which is just icing on the cake.

Sub #1 was Amira. I assume you’re forced to have her on the party for her fate episode anyway.

Sub #2 was Vania (Vampy). She’s my second strongest dark character, and since I was betting all my damage on dark, she was the logical choice for a final resort. As it turned out, she did see action at the very end of the battle and helped close it out.

The weapon and summon pools I used:

weapon-pool summon-pool

The Battle

Fortunately, you can attempt the fate episode battle as much as you like because your AP is returned if you fail a single-player quest you haven’t beaten at least once. I brought in the new team for my second attempt, and it worked–I managed to scrape out the win without needing to burn an elixir.

I cut it close, however. Jasmine got knocked out earlier than I would like because she was unfortunately hit by multi attacks quite often. Amira came in, and she bit the dust near the end of the battle too. I was lucky Naru made it unscathed, otherwise my team wouldn’t have dealt any damage. Near the end, she hit for 1 million damage on Proto-Baha’s overdrive state. So good.

In retrospect, I think Arusha (light SR) could be useful for the fight. Her third skill debuffs an enemy’s double attack rate, and something I didn’t expect nor plan for was how frequently Proto-Baha landed multi-attacks on my party. Arusha also has a clear skill on her. However, that would mean dropping Katalina from the team and losing her damage cut, or dropping Jasmine and be short on heals. I think Arrow Rain III is probably the most stable way to address Proto-Baha’s multiple normal attacks.


However, my elation over defeating Proto-Baha was short-lived. When I went to uncap Amira, I saw this:


It’s going to take a while to get enough orbs, and even worse, I need the same kind to awaken my GW harp. Decisions, decisions.

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2 Responses to SSR Amira’s level 80 Fate Episode

  1. Saorise says:

    I took your tip and brought along dark fencer and arrow rain. Was thinking bringing clarity but didnt even need it. I used amira, sarunan sophia. With a combination of rose queen, grand order and all the heals I barely went under half hp. but boy did that fight take long, was fun though.


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