It’s been 15 Weeks of Granblue Fantasy

What a week it’s been.

• 4 ranks gained, 4 new characters.

Weapon Pools:

This Week Last Week
week-15-dark-pool week-14-dark


The Past Week:
• I finally joined a new crew. #foxears was the first real crew I was part of, and it was one filled with people I knew on the Internet before I started to play GBF. Unfortunately, just about everyone else in the crew had lost interest in the game, or fell off hard. The crew skills were nice and all, but I really wanted to be with people around my level, who play the game a decent amount, and who can help each other out. While the new crew is less than half full, I quite enjoy the company, and it’s infinitely better than being in a half-dead crew. If anyone is interested in joining, leave a post here (hint, hint).
• One of the first things I did with the new crew was run a truckload of EX co-op in hopes of farming mage/warrior creeds. As a side-effect, I gained a ton of rank points. I’d say my rank is a bit over-inflated compared to the state of my weapon pool.
• I got Summer J.J. (earth SR) and Lamretta (fire R) out of 26 rolls during July’s legend fest.
• Fundoshi Jin (wind SR) was the free event character for “A Slice of Summer”.
• Ippatsu (fire R) popped out of the Rupie Draw. He’s a crazy ramen freak voiced by Norio Wakamoto. Wakamoto really hams it up, and he’s great.

The Future:
• Unfortunately, it seems there won’t be any story event re-runs for a while. Instead, the Celestials are coming back (surprisingly quickly). I guess I’m okay with that–three more gold nuggets and I can trade for a gold brick. Might take a look at the other event weapon rewards.
• 1000 chip poker is supposedly going to happen very soon, and I absolutely cannot wait. The crackdown on pokerbot was disappointing, but if 1000 chip poker is a reality, all is forgiven. It means one can actually make a reasonable amount of chips in a steady manner, instead of dealing with the frustration of bingo. Honestly, it sounds so good that I’m worried Cygames will nerf it later somehow, such as raising the prices of all the casino cage items. Fingers crossed.

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