Quick Thoughts: Niconama Stream

There was some kind of Granblue Fantasy (GBF) livestream a couple days ago that went over mostly stats. Nicovideo is a terrible website, and I couldn’t watch XIEi’s restream because my Internet was having issues, so I followed along as best I could on /gbfg/. Well, it was also super late at night for me, so I caught only the first hour or so before I headed off to sleep. Among the interesting things they covered were popularity of elements–light was first, followed by dark, wind, fire, earth, and water. Pretty much expected, but congrats to earth for not being in last place. Although one wonders how much of a boost Summer Naru will provide to water…

The most popular GW character (as they’re informally known; can’t remember their official name at the moment) was Tweyen (Song) by a wide margin. The most popular class weapons were Oliver (thief line), Nirvana (priest line), and Nebuchad (Gunslinger), no surprises there.

What interested me the most were the character rankings:

1. Narmaya (Narumea AKA Naru)
2. Vira
3. Amira
4. Yuel
5. Vania (Vampy)
6. Ferry
7. Percival
8. Cagliostro
9. Forte
10. Andira
11. Clarisse
12. Tweyen (Song)
13. Jeanne d’Arc
14. Dark Jeanne d’Arc
15. Yodarha
16. Silva
17. Magisa
18. Korwa
19. Katalina
20. Charlotta
21. Vira (Summer?)
22. Threo (Sarasa/Thalatha)
23. Sen
24. Anila
25. Nemone
26. Lancelot
27. Albert
28. Siete
29. Zeta
30. Heles

Much of this shouldn’t come as a surprise. In a character poll back in late May, Vira was first, followed by Ferry, Vampy, Narmaya, Jeanne d’Arc, Cagliostro, Amira, Percival, Clarisse, and Yodarha.

Random thoughts:
• I didn’t expect Naru to come in first. There was some character poll from back in late 2015 that I saw, and Naru came in first for most popular female characters. Back then, she was unquestionably the best dark attacker in the game, but her in-game value has diminished somewhat with the introduction of 5* Vira, dark Jeanne, and an improved Seox (Six). At any rate, it’s neat to see she’s still the fan favorite. Obviously, I’m quite fond of her as she’s carried my dark team for quite a while now.
• Yuel is the first big deviation from the May poll. The May poll was used to determine which characters would have a higher drop rate in the legend gacha, and therefore the results were a bit more practical, more geared toward “esports”. It seems Yuel is considered one of fire’s best characters, but I think most people wouldn’t view her as core as Percival for fire teams. 10% furry isn’t my fetish but I can understand Yuel’s visual appeal, plus she’s voiced by Kana Ueda. Good for her for her high placement.
• Percival at number seven is the highest rated male character. He’s consistently the favorite male character because petrify (fear) is just that good. Maybe fujoshi like his character personality too or something, but I don’t know anything about that.
• Forte at number nine has to be one of the biggest surprises, as she is a very recent character added to GBF. From what I understand, she’s quite popular in Cygames’ Rage of Bahamut (Shingeki no Bahamut), but it’s not like everyone who plays Granblue Fantasy also tried Rage of Bahamut. I like Forte’s design; she looks quite cool. Her Rage of Bahamut design looks better, to be honest (she’s shorter, and a lot bustier in GBF); but she still looks great in GBF. Well, I guess a lot of other people feel the same way.
• The infamous monkey comes in at number ten. She has the highest ranking for a limited/seasonal character.
• It’s a little bit surprising to see Clarisse (just barely) out of the top ten. She’s still my favorite character in the game design-wise.
• Tweyen has the highest ranking for a GW character. Considering she’s the most popular GW character, this makes sense.
• Yoda: You can be an ugly dude of the least popular race in GBF, but when you’re the best character for carrying people through the early game, you’ll have a spot on the top 30.
• Congrats to Sen for being the only SR character to make it into the top 30. She’s widely regarded to be the best SR character in the game, and she’s cute. Sure wish I had her.
• Nemone at number 25 is mildly surprising. She’s relatively new, and isn’t regarded to be a particularly good earth SSR character. Her super ultra hyper personality can be mildly annoying to some, but I guess quite a few people like it too.
• Zeta and Heles are pretty similar–fire SSR characters, nice character designs, but neither are considered good in the endgame. Zeta has the Kana Hanazawa thing going for her (and Summer Zeta is pretty hot), but still. I would’ve expected a number of more practical characters to take one of their spots: Rosamia (recently promoted to SSR), Petra, Catherine, or Sara, to name a few.

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