Quick Thoughts: “A Slice of Summer” event


Jin and Kaz Redux

Jin and Kaz are reunited, and the first part of the story revolves around various characters helping out Kaz with his restaurant. There’s a bit of tension with Volenna telling off Naru for overdoing the big sister act, but that doesn’t really go anywhere. Helnar goes around hitting on every female as usual (why doesn’t Gayne dump him?), Zeta is hot, and Anna is nervous as always. In the second half of the story, Jin really wants to split a watermelon, but there aren’t any watermelons around. The crew heads out to find a watermelon, gets caught in a storm, and stranded on a deserted island, where they discover watermelons. But something is a bit odd about those watermelons.

It’s another character driven episode. That is to say, there’s nothing special about the story at all. The enjoyment comes from seeing various characters interact with each other, who might not have any connections otherwise.


This time the SSR weapon is an earth katana. I haven’t gotten one yet, but according to XIEi it has ATK up and decent stats, and apparently no real drawbacks (e.g. HP -7%). Definitely sounds like something worth pursuing for earth mains. The SR weapons have a chance to stun on charge attack (ougi), but I’m sure it’s very low or short-lasting, and isn’t enough of a reason to keep the SR weapons in your pool past rank 50.

The SSR summon is strictly worse than Vohu Manah as a leader at 0*~2*, 40% earth ATK with a hit to HP. The call (active skill) gives a medium boost to ATK, which is identical to Ifrit and Cocytus. All things considered, I think you can safely pass on this one since the conquest summons are about the same or better.

Enter the Melon (Challenge Quest)

Compared to the challenge quest of “Balmy Breeze and Foamy Deep”, this one was a walk in the park. There’s virtually no way to fail unless you intentionally try to. Your party has a lot of HP, and none of the melon’s attacks do much damage, not even the ougi. Your team is entirely preset this time–Summer Naru, Summer J.J., Fundoshi Jin, and Summer Lunalu. I never really saw a good time to use Lunalu’s mimic skill, and it didn’t matter. Use J.J.’s second skill liberally, and his third skill occasionally. Use Jin’s first and second skills freely, and his third on enemy overdrive. Use Naru’s first skill on cooldown to keep a steady stream of enhanced damage attacks going. Use J.J.’s first skill the turn before the enemy goes into break, then on break, use Naru’s third skill and do a full chain burst. Free blue crystal.

Bonus Story

Because there isn’t another story event this month, some of the next set of summer characters were introduced in a bonus story event. Summer Lunalu swoons over Summer Percival; Camiex encounters guys hitting on her (11 years old); Summer Heles is, uh, there; and Summer De La Fille comes to the rescue when Kaz’s restaurant runs out of curry. It’s an okay appetizer, but it left me wanting more.

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