First Solo Magna


A couple days ago, I finally soloed an Extreme omega (magna) raid for the first time. However, it’s less of an accomplishment and more of an embarrassment, as:
1) It was Yggdrasil Magna, who is generally regarded to be the easiest magna, or second easiest (after Tiamat).
2) I know people who soloed her more than 10 ranks earlier. And wind mains could’ve done it 20 ranks earlier.

Regardless of that, I’m still happy about it because soloing any magna raid felt like a pipe dream not all that long ago, like two months ago. It’s very satisfying to see the returns of the work you put into your weapon pool.

On another attempt, after I’d become more familiar with the timings of the battle, I managed to solo Ygg magna without losing any characters.


I also managed to MVP my own Celeste magna raid for the first time ever, though all I did was follow the strats in the MVP Celeste section.

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