It’s been 16 Weeks of Granblue Fantasy

In other words, just shy of 4 months of Granblue Fantasy (GBF). It’s not a terribly long time, but I still feel like a beginner. Time flew.

• 3 ranks gained, 2 new characters.

Weapon Pools:

This Week Last Week
week-16-dark week-15-dark-pool


The Past Week:
• The current event is the Celestials re-run. It’s a great source of relatively cheap 1/2 AP potions, Soul Berries, rupies, and merits (certificates). Being in a crew that is strong enough to take down one of the primal raids (i.e. Agni, Neptune, Zephyros, Titan) is a fantastic way to rack up a lot of pendants–I got around 2k~3k pendants per raid.
• The streak is finally over. On the 7th, my daily free premium draw netted a character, after two weeks of characterless R, SR weapons and R summons. But it was merely Alistair (blue R).
• The next day, I got Rosamia (light R) from the rupie draw. I wish I had SSR Rosamia, but even getting her R form makes me happy.
• Due to boosted rates of the appearance of rare monsters (one of the perks to the Summer Special Campaign Part 2), I’ve been running mostly story/free event quests to collect the rare weapons needed to upgrade Sierokarte’s shop in the third step of forging the GW weapon. 10 down, 4 to go.

The Future:
• Fenrir and Cerberus Showdown will be here soon! Unfortunately, they’ll only last a few days, so I’ll be focusing solely on Cerberus Showdown mainly for the Cerberus dagger (a pretty decent normal dark SSR weapon). Neither summon is particularly good as a leader, and their call skills are just… okay. Of course, I’d love to have 3* Cerberus and Fenrir summons for aesthetic reasons, but you gotta be pragmatic too.

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