Yggdrasil Magna Solo (Video)

More info after the break.

I decided to test out XSplit Broadcaster by recording a Yggdrasil Omega (Magna) raid. The quality ended up not as good as I would like, and I’ll have to tweak settings for future videos.

Anyway, I haven’t played Yggdrasil Magna since the day I first soloed it; as such, I made some big mistakes midway through the battle, but fortunately got bailed out by charm.

Keys to the Battle
1. Don’t get hit by Yggdrasil’s overdrive (OD) special attack (ougi). It can hurt, even when you’re using a damage cut/earth carbuncle (unless you use both).

Honestly, that’s pretty much it. Her regular attacks are a bunch of multi-attacks, but they’re pretty weak. If anything, they help build your party’s charge bar. Her non-overdrive ougis aren’t too scary–just about any 30%+ damage cut make them manageable.

EX Skill
As usual, Dark Fencer provides the most stable way to solo the raid, until your DPS is good enough to blow away the boss with a more offense-minded class. For the EX skill, I chose Armor Break instead of Arrow Rain III because I had other ways to debuff Ygg’s ATK. Armor Break + Miserable Mist is a potent combo that makes quite a difference in how much damage your party will deal. It feels to me as if Armor Break increases your team’s damage more than Rage III does.

My only decent weapon pool is my dark pool, so I basically played my dark team with Gawain substituted for Zaja. Gawain’s first skill, Fracture++, is essentially Arrow Rain III–it lowers an enemy’s ATK by 25%. This combines with Miserable Mist to hit the ATK debuff cap, and gives me more freedom with the EX skill. Gawain’s third skill is a 60% damage cut for 1 turn, superior to Zaja’s 40% cut, and additionally on ougi Gawain gives the entire party a shield. The downside to using Gawain is that he’s dead weight on offense.

Weapon Pool

weapon-pool-1 weapon-pool-2

It’s just my typical dark team’s weapon pool, except with a wind weapon in the main hand so as to improve the chance of Djeeta landing her debuffs.

Summon Pool
As not everyone has Bahamut, max limit break Celeste could’ve been used to lead instead. With my current pool, double Bahamut deals more damage, but Celeste x Bahamut is only a mild drop off in damage. Tiamat Magna backs up Fracture++ in case it misses, and the rest of my pool were stat sticks. I would recommend bringing earth carbuncle or Athena if you have one.

The game plan I try to follow goes:
• Full party burst on Ygg in overdrive (OD) as soon as possible. Even if Vampy’s delay (slow) misses (as it did in my run), you have 6 turns to work with, assuming DF’s delay suceeds twice, and gravity lands as well. A full party burst with Naru’s OD assassin in play should always take Ygg to break.
• After break wears off, allow Ygg to do a non-OD ougi once, and protect yourself from it with Gawain’s third skill, his 60% damage cut. This is where I messed up in the video, as I greedily tried to skip to the next step.
• After taking Ygg’s ougi, push her into OD again, then do another 4 chain burst when Naru’s OD assassin is up. This should again push Ygg into break. In the video, Djeeta fell 6% short of full charge, which meant I was going to eat Ygg’s OD ougi. It’s likely I would’ve lost Naru and Vampy, but charm blocked Ygg’s ougi and I lucked out.
• Clean up.

While things didn’t go quite according to plan, it worked out somehow. At any rate, there’s really no reason to solo Ygg (or any of the other magnas); it’s an act of vanity. Once you’ve secured MVP, there’s no reason not to open up the raid to let leechers leech.

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