It’s been 17, 18 Weeks of Granblue Fantasy

I put off the week 17 post so long, it only made sense to combine it with this week.

Week 18 Week 17
week-18-stats week-17-stats

• 3 ranks gained, 3 new characters.

Weapon Pools:

This Week 2 Weeks Ago
week-18-dark week-16-dark
week-18-light week-16-light
week-18-fire week-16-fire
week-18-water week-16-water
week-18-earth week-16-earth
week-18-wind week-16-wind

The Past Two Weeks:
• Thanks to the increased appearance rates of rare monsters for summer celebration part 2, I spent most of week 17 hunting rare monsters for the rare weapon drops needed to upgrade Sierokarte’s shop for the third step of the guild war (GW) character grind. 1/2 AP special quests was also a good opportunity to run Star Halo dungeons and various trials for other materials needed in the GW character grind.
• With summer celebration part 3 came “magnafest” (1/2 AP and 1/2 EP for magna raids, among others), which took up most of my time. Another step of the GW character grind involves collecting certain rare drops that are specific to each magna raid. While grinding for these drops, I incidentally got a couple SSR weapon flips (including my first Chevalier gun, Colossus staff, and Yggdrasil sword), and so my non-wind weapon grids saw a slight bit of improvement.
• 1000 chip poker was as great as I expected. Thanks to it, I was finally able to acquire 4 Anat summons from the casino, as well as several moonlight stones.
• My new characters are Norcel (earth R), Viceroy (fire R), and Galadar (earth SR). Norcel and Viceroy came from the rupie draw, and I drew Galadar from the premium draw. I dropped 5 rolls on the premium draw (mostly with single draw tickets) in hopes of landing Summer Heles during her rate up, but all I got was Galadar. He seems to have an identical skillset to Zaja, which isn’t bad because Zaja has been an integral part of my dark team.
• Due to magnafest, I didn’t run Cerberus Showdown as much as I’d like. I had hoped to get at least one 3* Cerberus dagger out of it, but I wasn’t lucky with flips so I ended up with a 2* Cerb dagger. Ah well. It’s still an improvement over a 0* Vampy dagger.

The Future:
• Magnafest continues a bit longer, and I still need a couple more rare material drops. When I’m finally done with that, then I’ll spend more time running Celeste magna raids and hoping for Celeste axe flips.
• The next Unite & Fight (guild war) is coming up in about a day or so, but my crew is only half-full so we won’t get out of prelims this month. That’s a shame because the monsters will be light this time, so I should be able to do pretty well if I try. At any rate, my goal is to acquire 4 GW bows so I can get started on the GW weapon upgrade process.

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