Quick Thoughts: Summer Zooey (dark SSR)

gbf, summer zooey, official

When I first saw her, I wasn’t too impressed.

Mainly, I didn’t see much value to her with respect to my team. Her first and third skills are nukes, and her second skill provides one turn of invulnerability. It wasn’t a skill set that screamed “This is amazing!” But what I forgot about was the fact that Celeste Claw dark weapon pool builds exist (I play a Celeste Axe build).

Celeste Claws are built around enmity–a mechanic that increases attack as HP drops. In general, Celeste Claw builds out-damage Celeste Axe builds below 80% HP. To me, it’s a risky play style. I prefer the stability of Axe builds that produce consistent amounts of damage regardless of characters’ HP.

But thanks to Summer Zooey, there’s now a way to safely get maximum damage out of Celeste Claw builds for a couple turns because her second skill drops all party members down to 1HP. There’s a gimmicky combo with Dark Sarunan and his suicide nuke which can put out crazy amounts of damage–enough to nuke Chevalier Magna in one turn (Extreme, not Impossible [High Level AKA HL]), and people achieved 350+ million damage on Mahisha EX in the current Unite & Fight event (guild war).

Surprisingly, Cygames did not nerf the combo. Considering how quick they’ve been to nerf seemingly overpowered strategies/mechanics in the past, one would’ve expected them to do something like put a damage cap on Dark Sarunan’s suicide nuke. Instead, they implemented an honors cap, that is to say a cap on the maximum points one can get in a raid. In other words, it’s still perfectly possible to blow up Mahisha EX with 350+ million damage, it just doesn’t give 18 million honors anymore. It seems safe to say that Cygames intends to allow the combo to stay as is, and maybe it’s because they don’t view it as truly overpowered (it seems to involve an expensive setup with the Assassin class, and probably isn’t anywhere near as effective on non-light enemies).

Gimmicks aside, Summer Zooey still works extremely well with Seox (Six) and Dark Jeanne, two characters who prefer Celeste Claw builds. 1 turn of damage immunity is perfect for Seox as his playstyle revolves around getting stronger as long as he doesn’t take damage, and Dark Jeanne has enmity built in as one of her sub skills. In short, Seox and Dark Jeanne just got a whole lot stronger in the presence of Summer Zooey, and are almost certainly a tier above SSR Vira and Narmaya as dark’s best attackers now.

While Summer Zooey wouldn’t have done much for me had I gotten her, I still really would’ve liked to recruit her (because she’s pretty). But my luck has been pretty bad this summer event–I haven’t won in any of the Summer campaign lotteries, I haven’t had any refunds, and the only character I’ve gotten out of the free daily premium draw was Alistair (water R) so far. 仕方ないな.

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