It’s been 19 Weeks of Granblue Fantasy

Farewell, summer.

• 3 ranks gained, 3 new characters.

Weapon Pools:

The Past Week:
• The August Unite & Fight event (guild war AKA GW) came and went. I was essentially finished with it after the first day–I managed to draw GW bows from the four drawboxes. The first one played hard to get, and required me to literally empty drawbox #1; but the second, third, and fourth bows dropped within a couple hundred rolls. As a result, I’ve officially begun the recruitment process for Tweyen (Song). There are nine steps you have to perform to acquire her, and I am at the halfway point right now, the fifth step.
• Other than that, I’ve continued to host/leech omega (magna) raids. While I’ve gotten quite a few flips, none of them were relevant to my main team (except for a Celeste spear), and it feels like at least 50% of flips are SSR summons. Frankly speaking, they are far less useful than magna weapons.
• Additionally, I’ve been acquiring materials for the GW weapon upgrades. At this point, I’ve got everything I need except for three materials: low level light orbs, light whorls, and rainbow prisms. However, I need A LOT more of each, something like 700 low level light orbs, 800 light whorls, and 250 rainbow prisms. As such, it will probably take at least a month before Tweyen can finally join my team. So close yet so far.
• Some new SSR weapons were introduced that drop from raids like Athena, Baal, Odin, Lich, etc. They can also be traded for with renown pendants. Unfortunately, they offer little value to the average non/low-IAP player, and frankly aren’t worth the time to pursue.

The Future
• A new story event is coming up, “Detective Barawa and the Unfortunate Fortune”. I guess this means story event re-runs have been put on hold. Ah well, still hoping for a re-run of Selfira’s event. I’m guessing this event will probably be beneficial to fire mains (Barawa is fire type) i.e. not me.
• Magnafest still continues for about a week, gotta take full advantage of that. The best part isn’t the 1/2 AP/EP, but the fact that you can host raids up to 5 times daily instead of just 3. If you host the 6 magna raids (Tiamat, Colossus, Leviathan, Yggdrasil, Luminiera [Chevalier], Celeste) five times each and MVP all of them, that’s a guaranteed 60 red boxes instead of the usual 36, a massive increase. Honestly, the daily limit of three is just too low. Why couldn’t Cygames make five the default instead?
Edit: I forgot to mention the “Order of the Lord” event which should be starting on September 1. It’s a Granblue Fantasy x Lord of Vermillion Re:3 collab, and the loot is a pretty nice looking outfit that Gran or Djeeta can wear when equipped with a sword, as well as an okay-but-unexceptional event summon (4* Diablo is better). Unfortunately, this event is tied to Defend Order (AKA D.O.). Let’s just say that D.O. has been a failure because it’s mostly useless to the vast majority of players. The better rewards are well out of reach to people below rank 101, and thus many people don’t find it worth 30 minutes to join a D.O. session. Attaching Lord of Vermillion Re:3 to D.O. has had the unfortunate effect of making people lose interest in it before it’s even started.

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