Maybe I Should Complain more


At the end of my post about Summer Zooey, I wrote:

But my luck has been pretty bad this summer event–I haven’t won in any of the Summer campaign lotteries, I haven’t had any refunds, and the only character I’ve gotten out of the free daily premium draw was Alistair (water R) so far. 仕方ないな.

Well, the day after I posted that, my daily free draw gave me Lucius (dark SR). Dark has no shortage of great SSR attackers–Seox (Six), Dark Jeanne d’Arc, Vira, Narmaya, Forte, etc.–but nevertheless Lucius can dish out sweet damage for an SR character. And, well, I don’t have any of those SSR attackers except for Narmaya, so Lucius will be quite useful for my team when I don’t need Zaja’s damage cut. I’m quite happy to acquire him.

The day after that, my daily free draw gave me Galadar (earth R). It’s kinda funny because I got the SR version of Galadar only two weeks prior. A new character is a new character; I’ll never say “no” to one.

Yesterday, my daily free draw netted Summer Anna (fire R). While I have plenty of fire R characters already, Anna is by far the most aesthetically pleasing, so I was quite happy about it (it also took the sting off the three R summons I pulled earlier in the day).

Finally, today’s free draw gave me her:

Magisa is the first SSR character I’ve gotten since Eustace (earth SSR) back in mid-June. It was a bit frustrating to see other players I knew seemingly getting SSR characters left and right, so this was quite a relief (I pulled three SSR summons in the meantime and they were all very good, but it’s just not the same, y’know?). Better yet, Magisa is considered one of the best fire SSR characters. The fire SSR character who I already had, Aoidos, also has a decent evaluation, although I’m not sure how much synergy he has with Magisa.

The only downsides here are that my fire teams are my second-to-last priority (only above my water teams), and I’m still leveling up Amira and Gawain so I don’t have any slots left to raise another 5* character for a while.

Well anyway, I find it funny how my daily free draws coincidentally improved right after I complained about bad luck during the summer event. I guess I can’t complain for a while. Or, if it’ll keep the good luck rolling, I should complain more!

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