Quick Thoughts – “Detective Barawa and the Unfortunate Fortune” Event


Elementary, my dear Sarya

It’s a bit early to talk about the event–it just started today, and the challenge quest hasn’t been revealed yet–but it’s pretty interesting and has some unique mechanics I haven’t seen in other events before.

The story seems to pick up from some earlier event. Barawa is a detective, but he’s much more brawn than brain. Sarya, a draph lady, is his assistant. Barawa’s “rival” is the phantom thief Chat Noir.

Chat Noir has sent a calling card to the Palapagos Island indicating that he intends to take possession of some mythical treasure there and reveal it. The chief of the island hires Barawa and Sarya to investigate what’s going on, as the revelation of the letter has thrown the island into mayhem. Barawa determines that the best course of action is to find the treasure before Chat Noir does.

Frankly, this is as much of a mystery/detective story as Milky Holmes, which is to say it isn’t. Mary the treasure hunter and everyone’s favorite ghost Erune, Ferry, make appearances in the story as well. I found it quite comedic at times, but what really stood out to me were the puzzles.

Professor Barawa and the Curious Island


There are three puzzles in this event. You are given a three-minute time-limit to solve them. Perhaps this mechanic was introduced in the previous Detective Barawa event or something, but it’s new to me. Anyway, they were all pretty easy puzzles, and I believe the story progresses the same anyway even if you can’t get the right answer in the time limit. Still, it’s a neat change of pace and easily the highlight to this event.



The other notable aspect to this event is the gimmick of the event boss, Treant. Its ougi and some low HP trigger perform the skill “Snore”, which randomly switches in a member of your team’s back row to the front row. I haven’t seen it enough times to know its limitations (can Djeeta be switched to the back?), but it’s something to keep in mind when you set up your team. If you have some 5* SSR characters chilling in the back row and soaking up EXP, they may find themselves rudely brought to the front lines in the middle of battle. Plan accordingly.

Edit: Indeed, Djeeta can be switched to the back row, which disables the use of summons (not to mention the fact that most people rely on the player character to land essential debuffs like Miserable Mist). If your team is strong enough, it’s a good idea to enter the fight without a back row.


As expected, this event caters to fire players–the event raid bosses are wind element. As expected, the event rewards range from mediocre to bad.

The SR weapons are a wind katana and wind harp. The wind katana has medium ATK up. If you’ve just started to build a wind weapon pool, it may have a teeny bit of value as a placeholder. There’s no reason to use the wind harp unless you’re a wind main who plays the Superstar class and you didn’t get the EXP harp from the Celestials event. In that case you should get the EXP harp the next time the Celestials event comes around, then say goodbye to this SR wind harp forever.

The SSR weapon is a wind axe. Its skill is large boost to HP, as well as a boost to wind allies’ DEF for 5 turns. There isn’t a kind way to say this–it’s trash. I mean, it’s good fodder for skilling up your magna/Bahamut weapons.

The SSR summon is also very questionable. Its aura (leader skill) is a 40% boost to wind ATK at 0*~2* (probably increased to 50% wind ATK at 3*). While its leader skill has no drawbacks, Sagittarius is straight up better, and Anat is better than both AND she’s free from the casino.

The event summon’s call skill (active skill) could possibly be one of the worst in the game. The description says, “Massive wind DMG to all foes / Blow Away”. I can’t confirm this, but I’ve been told that the “Blow Away” part of the skill means it applies to YOU. In other words, a random character from the front row of your party is switched out for a back row character. Yeesh. I hope this isn’t true, but if it is, the active skill is worthless.

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