Quick Thoughts – Fan Favorites Poll #11

A couple days ago, there were polls in Granblue Fantasy (GBF) for people to pick their favorite SSR, SR, R characters; and their favorite summon (I don’t recall if SSR and SR summons had separate polls). This seems to be a periodic event, as it’s already the 11th poll, and the previous poll was held at the end of May. The top 10 winners of each category will have increased gacha rates for a few days, so the results are not entirely inconsequential.

For poll #10 (the previous poll), my votes were:

SSR character – Clarisse (fire)
SR character – Sen (fire)
R character – Mary (fire)
Summon – Athena (fire)

There seems to be a trend with my votes. But anyway, this time my votes were cast for:

SSR character – Ferry (light)
SR character – Sen (fire)
R character – No vote
Summon – Onyx Carbuncle (dark)

The results of the polls were revealed today:

For comparison purposes, here’s the results of poll #10 (I didn’t bother to screencap the results for the summons):

SSR Characters
• Once again, there was a very close race between the top 3, and Vira came out on top. Vania (Vampy) also secured a top 3 finish once more. Vira is definitely a good character in terms of her skills, but I think from a purely gameplay perspective, most people would agree Vampy is superior. I guess it comes down to people liking Vira’s design more, or her wacky yandere streak, or Asami Imai fans, etc.
• What’s with this dark domination? Dark swept the top four spots, and five of the top six if we include Dark Jeanne as part of Jeanne d’Arc. Cygames’ stats showed that light was the most popular element people played, but I guess the dark characters are the most popular. Forte’s popularity continues to surprise me.
• Clarisse and Yoda dropped out, and Korwa and Forte made it in. Poor Clarisse… I still really like her. A lot of new players joined in April and May (including myself), which is probably why Yoda made it in the previous poll. You could theorize the picks this time show the overall playerbase has matured.
• Considering Amira came in number 3 in the overall character rankings last month, and she’s still a really good character overall, I’m surprised she slid down from 7th to 10th place. Maybe a lot of the people who want her have her already?

SR Characters
• As expected, Sen is still number 1 by a huge margin. She’s just the best SR character, no contest.
• The rest of these results are… weird. Vira in 2nd place is nuts. I guess people just really like her character, but if we look at only dark SR characters, many are much more useful than her.
• Yaia is in 5th place. The fact that she is earth’s highest representative is kind of mind-blowing, given how earth has a lot of really good SR characters such as Gayne, Jamil, and Jasmine. Okay, Yaia is cute and all, but seriously?

R Characters
• Pretty stable results at the top, although gyaru erune Chloe managed to get quite a high rank. She’s funny with all the emotes she uses, although she’s dead weight on my R-only wind characters team.
• Camieux, well, let’s just say people aren’t voting for her because she’s actually good or anything (it’s true she has a skill that does non-elemental damage, which is nice for killing slimes with super high defense and low health, but it’s very situational).

SSR Summons
• I think it’s surprising Grand Order came in first. While her active skill is nice, she’s a leader you would rarely use after rank 50. Considering how popular the dark SSR characters are, I would have expected Bahamut to take the gold.
• No Garuda? Anubis? They may not be good leaders, but they have nice active skills.

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