It’s been 20 Weeks of Granblue Fantasy

On the verge of many milestones.

It’s been just under 5 months since I started to play Granblue Fantasy (GBF). Gawain, my first 5* SSR character, is level 99, several hundred thousand EXP from level 100. I’m on the cusp of rank 100, and I should be able to finish upgrading the Two-Crown Bow by Thursday, when the Violet Trial comes around (which will allow me to recruit Tweyen [Song] to my party). All these things looked so far away not too long ago.

• 5 ranks gained, 2 new characters.

Weapon Pools:

This Week Last Week
week-20-dark week-19-dark
week-20-light week-19-light
week-20-fire week-19-fire
week-20-water week-19-water
week-20-earth week-19-earth
week-20-wind week-19-wind

The Past Week:
• Magnafest came to an end. On the whole, it was very good to me–in total I got at least 30 flips from Omega (Magna) raids, although about half of them were summons. Sadly, Celeste only gave me 3 spears and several summons, no axes. Thanks to consistently hitting the renown (silver) pendant caps, I was still able to get at least 1 axe.
• The Lord of Vermillion collab event, “The Order of the Lord”, was mildly frustrating to play because the first few sessions were jam packed, but I managed to pick up the costume and fully uncap (max limit break) the Milia summon. The Vermillion outfit looks great. Totally worth it. The sixth session I joined was deserted and failed hard… I feel bad for anyone who missed one of their first five sessions and is still trying to MLB Milia.
• I don’t know how I ranked up so much. When I wasn’t hosting Magna raids, I continued to farm upgrade materials for my Two-Crown Bow. I hardly played co-op, and I never specifically tried to get a lot of rank points. That said, I did spend over 100 1/2 AP potions last week. I suppose all those rank points added up.
• The new characters last week were Barawa (fire SR) from the “Detective Barawa and the Unfortunate Fortune” event, and Magisa (fire SSR), who I made a post about.

The Future:
• There’s an upcoming story event called “Fall of the Dragon” which has something to do with Vania (Vampy). I believe this is a re-run. I don’t really get it, but there’s some dragon character you’re given, and you can somehow influence her stats (or even her element?) by feeding her stuff. Should be interesting.
• Honestly, I may have burned myself out a little in my pursuit of Tweyen (Song). It was only a bit less than two months ago that I decided to try to get her, and there were a lot of upgrade materials that I lacked, so I’ve had to do a lot of farming and grinding. Now that that journey is near its end, I finally feel the fatigue setting in. Anyway, after I’ve gotten her, I’ll probably take it easy for a few days. Then I’ll jump into the next grind…
• …Which is the class weapon. Completing a class weapon is important because it unlocks row IV classes. Back when I was rank 80, I spent some time acquiring materials for Nirvana (the healer’s class weapon). I put that on hold when I realized many essential materials I needed could only be acquired after rank 101. But now that I’m close to rank 101, it’s time to resume things.
• Beyond that, I really need to put in more work on my weapon pool. I still need 14 more Celeste Axes to have a complete 3* pool. If only I could consistently MVP my Celeste magnas.

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