Quick Thoughts – “Fall of the Dragon” Event, Part 1


A truly quick post this time because I’m not even half-finished with the event yet. A certain stupid bunny is impeding my progress…

Vampy and Veight

This is one of the more interesting story events we’ve had in a while.

Medvecia, the country where vampires live, is in turmoil. Mysteriously, someone or something is killing vampires, and since no one else lives there, the residents have become suspicious of each other. Additionally, Medvecia is a very traditional, rule-driven society, with many strict laws in place.

Amid this backdrop is Vania (Vampy), the princess of the vampires. She’s rebellious and completely unconcerned with following the laws. She does whatever she wants to, and at the moment that means nursing Melinda (Beth), an injured dragon who appeared in Medvecia not too long ago, back to health. On the other hand, her younger brother Veight is an absolute stickler to the laws and rules, and his sister’s behavior constantly frustrates him.

That’s as much as I can say because I’m stuck on chapter 3 part 1, because…

White Rabbit

The White/Black Rabbit are highly desired summons because their leader skill increases the drop rate of treasure by 15% at 3* (10% at 0*~2*). The White Rabbit is theoretically farmable–it can drop from a rare monster appearance on a free quest in chapter 29, I believe–but the chance of a drop is very low, not to mention it rarely appears in the first place.

Well, the White Rabbit summon has a tiny chance of dropping in this story event on stages 3-1-1, 4-2-2, and 5-2-1. Better yet, it costs 0 AP to play the stages (until they’ve been cleared once), which means you can keep resetting the stages if 1) the White Rabbit doesn’t show up 2) it doesn’t drop a gold chest when you defeat it.


Long story short, I’ve spent hours on 3-1-1 (around 3 hours by now), and haven’t gotten a single gold chest drop from a White Rabbit yet. The worst part is, even if you do manage to coax a gold chest drop from a White Rabbit, there’s a chance it’ll contain a light whorl instead of the summon. If you decide to chase the White Rabbit summon, be prepared to spend ages resetting the stages, and brace for massive disappointment.

Malinda (Beth)

There’s a pretty interesting mechanic in this event in which you collect different fruits, and Beth’s element and ‘type’ will be influenced by how you feed them to her. Essentially, you can customize her to suit the needs of your party. Here’s a pretty good guide on it: How to Beth

Needless to say, I’ll be aiming for dark defense type Beth because I’m a dark main, and I don’t have any dark characters who are full party healers (there are very few options that aren’t limited characters). There’s always the option of playing the Bishop class, of course, and I’m aiming for the Sage class in the future, but still; it would be useful to have a dark element full party healer right now.

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