It’s been 21 Weeks of Granblue Fantasy

Current events:
“Fall of the Dragon” story event
“Lord of the Order” Lord of Vermillion collab event

• 2 ranks gained, 3 new characters.

This Week Last Week
week-21-dark week-20-dark
week-21-light week-20-light
week-21-fire week-20-fire
week-21-water week-20-water
week-21-earth week-20-earth
week-21-wind week-20-wind

The Past Week
• I hit rank 100. I feel quite mixed about this, but perhaps I’ll save it for its own post.
• New characters this week were Malinda (Beth) (dark SR) from the “Fall of the Dragon” story event, Tweyen (Song) (light SSR) from fully awakening the Two-Crown Bow, and Johann (light SR), who dropped from a 10 draw on light rate up day.
• Haven’t done much except completing daily hard raids for silver pendants, hosting the occasional Celeste omega (magna) raid, and doing daily co-op missions. I blew through a ton of half elixirs to speed up the completion of the Two-Crown Bow, so now I’m trying to conserve and build up my stock again.
• In anticipation of the class weapon/row IV grind, I’ve tried to join at least one Grande Order raid per day. 1 feather seems to drop 100% of the time from Grande Order, and 5 feathers are needed for one heavenly horn. Five heavenly horns are needed to trade for one Silver Centrum. To sum it up, I need 25 feathers for one Silver Centrum, and I’m currently at 13. There’s also the Cosmic weapon grind to consider, which requires 30 heavenly horns (150 feathers!).
• Two Celeste axes flipped from Dark Angel Olivia raids. Just 12 more axes to go to complete my 3* Celeste axe grid. Finally got all my axes to skill level 10 as well.

The Future
• Impossible (High Level AKA HL) raids, class weapon grind, SSR Bahamut weapon grind, Cosmic weapon grind… the real game has just begun.
• More immediate in the future is some sort of “Arcarum” event that lasts three days. They had a preview of it recently, but I didn’t really participate in it so I’m not sure how it works.
• “Fall of the Dragon” continues a little bit longer. I’ve put some effort into it because I hope to acquire a fully uncapped (max limit break) Veselago summon, but that’s about it.

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