Quick Thoughts – “Fall of the Dragon” Event, Part 2


Because I have completed the event, it’s time to wrap this up.

Hope and Change

Back to the story. Well, I think most of what there was to say was already said last time. This is a story about a society with a proud humanoid race (vampires). They are, however, obsessed with following laws, traditions, and rules; to their own detriment. They have no flexibility nor adaptation, which is leading them to their ruin. They are also isolationist–outsiders are not welcome in Medvecia, nor are vampires generally permitted to leave Medvecia.

Only Vania (Vampy), a free-spirited individual who acts according to her heart and doing what she feels is right, can save her people. It’s easy to interpret a political message to the story, if one so wishes.

At any rate, I enjoyed it. Robomi remains my favorite story event thus far, but I’d probably put this one second.

White Rabbit, Holy Grail

Let’s not talk about how long it took before the White Rabbit dropped a gold chest (6 hours), or what was inside the chest (light whorl).

…In all seriousness, it seems I was “lucky”. Someone else in the crew spent around 20 hours before they finally got a gold chest drop… which was also a light whorl. Some people gave up entirely and were never able to get a gold box drop. Eventually, someone in the crew did manage to get the White Rabbit summon, but it came from the Ch. 29 Erune-only free quest.

For the record, my conditions were: 20% item drop buff from crew skills, 7% item drop buff from the journey drops shop, used EX Treasure Hunt 3 on the bunny when it showed up, and borrowed the White/Black Bunny for the support summon when they were available. It might also help to have the Septian Burner, a fire staff from the Celestials event, equipped in the main hand.

Fortunately(?), it seems Cygames listened to feedback (nice joke) and decided to get rid of the troll gold chest drops after September 15. On the flip side, quests where the White Rabbit can appear must be cleared at least once, which means AP resetting will no longer be able to be abused. Is it better to waste thousands of AP for a super rare drop, or waste a ton of time on the chance of coming up empty-handed? It’s quite the dilemma.


Like a broken record, event rewards are niche. There’s nothing truly necessary in here, but if you’re a light main, you might get some mileage from it.

The event summon is Veselago. Its leader skill is 40% ATK to light with a debuff to DEF at 0*~2*, and at 3* it improves to 40% ATK to light with a buff to double attack (DA) rate. Honestly, it’s not a good leader–0* Druj from the “Boots and Blades” event had a superior leader skill–but this is an event re-run, so it’s not too surprising. More importantly, its call (active) skill debuffs the light resistance of enemies. It’s similar to Ebisu (from “The Balmy Breeze and Foamy Deep” event), just of a different element. The active skill is what interests me, as I think it could be useful for my light teams. But for people who have no intention of playing light, feel free to pass on this.

As for the SSR weapon, it’s a light axe with medium ATK up, and small HP up (normal type skills, of course). On ougi, it grants 1-hit reflect. With both an attack up skill and an interesting ougi, I feel like it might be worth holding onto one copy, but the light mains I talked to didn’t care for it. Something to keep in mind is the fact that light has access to 0* Unite & Fight (guild war AKA GW) weapons, so they have less need for light event weapons with normal type skills.

The SR weapons are just skill up fodder as usual, although one may use the SR light harp as a placeholder if they’re playing the Superstar class and haven’t gotten a GW or Luminiera (Chevalier) harp yet.

A Girl of Dragon’s Rising

The challenge quest wasn’t difficult for me, me being a dark main and all, but I was surprised that it wasn’t a complete pushover. I mean, I couldn’t steamroll it in 5 turns or less.

Anyway, your party consists of the player character, Vampy, and Defender Malinda (Beth). I think I was supposed to time Beth’s second skill (which transforms her to big dragon form + counters 3 times) and first skill (taunt) to protect against some special attack, but if there was one, it got blocked by Vampy’s charm.

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