Two-Crown Bow


Note: I started to write this entry 6 days ago, but only finished it today. I’ve had Tweyen (Song) for five days, and she’s been absolutely incredible. Makes all that effort put into getting her feel like it was worth it.

It’s finally freaking over, about two months after I made up my mind to seriously go for it.

I heard people say a number of times that getting an Eternal (Guild War AKA GW) character didn’t take that long, somewhere in the vicinity of two months if you were dedicated. And they were right.

For the most part, the GW character grind isn’t as bad as one would expect. It’s just that certain materials may prove to be bottlenecks, and there’s simply no fast way to obtain them. I think if you plan in advance, you can save yourself from a lot of frustration down the road.

Step 1

Somewhat surprisingly, the first step held me back for a while. Most materials can be farmed from the Aurora Trial (Light Extreme Trial), which lasts for two days and comes around on a twelve-day cycle.

However, I didn’t have enough Champion Merits (Silver Certificates AKA Silver Certs) for some time. They drop often from Protobahamut raids, 20 can be traded for from the Celestials event relatively easily, and you’ll get a decent number of them from story events. Additionally, they’re somewhat common drops from Nezha/Twin Elements/Macula Marius/Medusa/Apollo/Dark Angel Olivia EX raids.

The thing is, I don’t camp Protobaha raids often (they’re difficult to get into), and I uncapped a lot of SR characters who I don’t even use (3 silver certs are needed in the 4* uncap). Lesson learned: Don’t go around MLB’ing all your SR characters–only do it for the ones absolutely essential to your teams.

Step 2

This one isn’t too bad. First you select the rusted SR weapon and imbue it with an element (“relic”), then you use the relic and true anima to element change the GW weapon. As long as you join a lot of omega (magna) raids, you should have some true anima. Even if you don’t, you can go to the Shop -> Treasure Trade -> Treasure -> Wings of Terror and trade omega fragments for the true anima you desire.

Oh, but don’t forget to bring the GW weapon to skill level 10. That slipped my mind, and I was out of skill up fodder at the time so I stayed on this step for several days.

Step 3

In this step, Sierokarte’s store is upgraded. It only needs to be done once–this step is skipped in the future, when you want to upgrade a second, third, etc. GW weapon.

This was one of the steps I was most worried about, but it wasn’t as bad as I thought. The rare weapons are occasional drops from rare monsters that invade certain stages once in a while. People typically borrow Belle Sylphid for their support summon to increase the chance of rare monster invades, at the sacrifice of damage output. During summer celebration part 2, one of the bonuses was a naturally higher rate of rare monster appearances, so I took advantage of that period to do my rare weapon farming.

Most of the rare weapons didn’t take too long to obtain. There were just two that really eluded my grasp, that I had to spend a lot of AP to obtain: Shining Barrel, a gun that drops from Franz Furystorm, and the Imperial Shotel, one of two rare weapons that can drop from Daryl Lionbrave.

The best resource to know where to obtain the rare weapons is this GBF data spreadsheet (navigate to the “Jutensha/GW Chara” tab), and the Rare Monster page on the Granblue Fantasy english Wiki (Edit: Broken link, unfortunately the English Wiki appears to have died).

As for the Mithra anima, I traded for them in the shop with Cerulean stones. They’re quite expensive (25 stones per anima, 125 for all five), but I prefer that to playing Mithra Showdown. I’ve cleared it before, but it’s a pretty annoying fight in general. And from what I heard, the anima drop rate was around 33%~40% which doesn’t sound great.

I wondered where I would get 200,000 rupies (besides playing a ton of co-op), but turns out it’s very easy to trade for that amount during Celestials events.

Step 4

A pretty easy step, although I guess the Supreme Merits (Gold Certs) could be an issue. Proto-Bahamut and Grande Order raids are good sources of gold certs, and a decent number of them can be acquired from the total honors rewards of story events.

The light specific materials are best gotten from Aurora Trial and Star Angel Halo.

Step 5

Pretty much the same as the previous step, arguably easier.

Step 6

I have to admit I was on step 6 for quite a long time, because I ran out of light whorls and tier 1 light orbs. Both are best farmed from Star Halo–I do not recommend the Scarlet and Cerulean trials.

An important lesson I learned from this: Farm Star Halo when you can. I strongly recommend starting early, around ranks 30~40. Pay attention to the schedule, and make it if you can. It’s worth chugging a couple half elixirs to get as many runs in as possible during the hour it’s available, and of course put up the journey drops item drop buff. If you start doing this early, you should have more than enough low tier orbs and whorls when you begin the GW chara grind (in total, you will need 950 low tier orbs, and 1000 whorls of the element you change the weapon to).

However, I rarely ran Star Halo in the past, so I was bottlenecked on low tier orbs and whorls for a pretty long time.

The best place to get the Foreboding Clover is Ch.30/44, the Grand Blues Channel free quest entitled “The Dungeon Diet”. It’s also a good source of Blood Amber, which is needed in the next step.

Step 7

I got stuck here too because of the tier 1 orbs and light whorls again. Farm those Star Halos!

Farm 8

This is easily one of the worst steps if you don’t plan ahead. Collecting twenty rare drops from each magna raid is no simple task. Fortunately, magnafest came at the right time and I was able to get everything I needed in that period.

By far the best place to farm Ancient Cloth is the 80 AP quest from Ch.34. You can only run it twice a day, and the quest is a bit challenging, but it drops a lot of Ancient Cloth each run.

Step 9

The final step contains some of the greatest barriers if you don’t plan ahead. The true anima are easy enough–as long as you run magna raids a lot, you should have plenty of omega fragments to trade for the true anima you lack.

The only feasible way to obtain a gold bar is to run the Celestials event and do the daily missions, which rewarded 1 gold nugget. A gold nugget could also be traded for with the pendants in that event. 10 gold nuggets are needed to trade for the first gold bar in the shop (15 nuggets for the 2nd, and I believe 15 nuggets for the third as well). Just do the daily mission when the Celestials event is around and you’ll be fine.

Blue sky crystals weren’t a big deal to me. As long as you consistently do your daily co-op missions you should be fine. Blue sky crystals are also somewhat frequent flips in Grande Order raids, if you really need another source that badly. Easier said than done to get into Grande raids though.

The Rainbow Prism. Just thinking about it makes me mad. That ended up being the biggest source of frustration in the GW character grind for me, because until recently there wasn’t a particularly good way to farm them. There’s a number of ways to obtain them, but mostly as rare drops and therefore poor farming options. Previously, I think the best way to acquire them was to farm the Violet Trial on the Very Hard stage. You get an average of 1 drop every 2 runs or so, you have a whole day to run the dungeon (and then you’ll have to wait a week for it to return), and the dungeon is very fast and easy to clear. The Flawless Prisms can also be traded for Rainbow Prisms at 15:1, 10 daily. However, it becomes quite costly on AP, and I blew through a ton of half elixirs (at least 100) to acquire the last few Rainbow Prisms I needed.

Thankfully, the new set of raids–Athena, Grani, Garuda, Baal, Odin, Lich–have an extremely high drop rate of Rainbow Prisms. Feels like you’re guaranteed one drop each run, to be honest. Be warned that these raids are significantly harder than Twin Elements/Macula/Nezha/Medusa/Apollo/Olivia, and some–especially Lich, from my experience so far–end up failing. So yeah, these new-ish raids make collecting Rainbow Prisms infinitely easier, and I wish they’d been introduced sooner.

In Summary
There are things you should do ASAP, long before you consider getting a GW character.

Farm your Star Halos every day, if schedule permits. Try to do at least 10 runs. Not only is it the best source of low tier orbs and whorls, the angel weapon/summon fodder is good for leveling up your characters and summons.

Complete your three daily co-op missions every day for the Blue Sky Crystal reward.

Join Athena/Grani/Garuda/Baal/Odin/Lich raids a few times each day. From my experience, Athena and Odin raids rarely fail, so it’s okay to leech from them.

Before you feed off your R weapons as skill up fodder, check to make sure they aren’t rare weapons needed to upgrade Sierokarte’s shop in step three.

The Celestials event is a very good source for rupies, Champion Merits, Supreme Merits, and gold nuggets (also half elixirs). Take full advantage of it whenever it comes around (the current trend seems to be once every 2~3 months).

During magnafests, spare time to collect the rare-ish magna drops like Tiamat eyes, Colossus reactors, Leviathan fins, Yggdrasil petals, Luminiera (Chevalier) bits, and Celeste spheres.

If you do that, you’ll make life much easier on yourself when it comes time to acquire a GW character.

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7 Responses to Two-Crown Bow

  1. Dimas Kai says:

    By the way, i am also THIS close to getting her. How was the fight against her. Was it incredibly hard? Anything that i should watch out for?


    • freudianeu says:

      Hello! I thought the fight wasn’t very difficult (it took me around 5 minutes), but my strongest teams are dark, which surely helped. I defeated her when I was at rank 100.

      Things to watch out for:
      She’s immune to gravity.
      HP triggers are 100% (after turn 1), 75%, 50%, 25%. All she does is attempt to cast random debuffs on the party. The only truly dangerous one is charm, in my opinion.
      Blind works very well against her.

      Good luck!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Nobody Special says:

    I’m quite close to getting Seofon and started googling how to get low orbs quickly, that’s what brought me here. It’s really helpful to see all the GW character steps laid out like this. Makes it seem a lot less intimidating than it actually is. Thanks for the helpful tips!


    • freudianeu says:

      You’re welcome! This info is a bit out of date (e.g. Angel Halo Very Hard is available at all times now), and a number of previously more annoying to farm items (e.g. Hollow Soul, Vermillion Stone) got free quests that drop them pretty often. So the GW character grind is much easier than it used to be. Good luck!


  3. arindras says:

    currently stuck at stage 3 making fist to unlock seox. my main problems are white anima and blue sky crystal.


  4. Ker Vin Tan says:

    Argh,,,, can’t beat her fate episode. Any recommendations? My dark team is just average, so I’m sending my light team in. The problem is that her charge attacks drops my team even with phalanx II. Am I just too weak…..>?


    • freudianeu says:

      What rank are you at? And I guess, what does your dark team/weapon pool look like?
      I notice when I rewatch the video I recorded of the fight that my team didn’t hit very strong (approximately ~50k auto attacks), but I managed to avoid getting hit by her charge attacks.


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