It’s been 22 Weeks of Granblue Fantasy

Current Events:

• 1 rank gained, 0 new characters.

Weapon Pools

This Week Last Week
week-22-dark week-21-dark
week-22-light week-21-light
week-22-fire week-21-fire
week-22-water week-21-water
week-22-earth week-21-earth
week-22-wind week-21-wind

The Past Week
• The Arcarum event fiasco deserves its own post.
• Due to hitting rank 101, I spent a fair amount of time running Celeste and Luminiera (Chevalier) Impossible (High Level AKA HL) raids.
• It seems that once past rank 100, ranking up is a lot slower because it requires much more rank points than before.

The Future
• September’s Unite & Fight (Guild War AKA GW) event is just around the corner. It seems that part of my guild actually wants to try to make it past prelims, but with only 20 members in the crew, I don’t think we’ll succeed.
• My sights are now set on upgrading my SR Bahamut Axe to SSR, then working on Nirvana (the class weapon for the healer line). I’ll need 36 more pilgrim distinctions to complete Nirvana, which means a minimum of 36 days, so it’s a relatively long term project.

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