First Celeste Magna solo, First Levi Magna solo

gbf-2016-09-26-1st-celeste-magna-solo gbf-2016-09-28-first-levi-magna-solo

I very recently soloed Celeste omega (magna) and Leviathan magna for the first time, and I’m happy with these accomplishments.

The first two magnas I soloed were Yggdrasil and Tiamat because they’re simply the easiest, and the third one was Luminiera (Chevalier) because my strongest/main team is dark. All that remains is Colossus, who poses a huge challenge due to its high health, obnoxious self buffs from its charge attacks (ougi), and Dimensional Cleave (Dimension Slash).

But anyway, both the Celeste and Levi Magna solo clears were extremely lucky, and it’s doubtful I’ll reproduce them any time soon.

Celeste Magna

Weapon Pool Summon Pool
week-23-light gbf-celeste-magna-solo-summon-pool

The reason why the Celeste run was so improbable was because my light weapon pool was (and is) still very weak. I’ve just started to work on it now in anticipation of October’s Unite and Fight event, but it has an incredibly long way to go. My strategy on Celeste is kind of cheesy:

1) Do a cycle of Arusha’s 2nd skill, Tweyen’s (Song’s) 1st skill, Lucifer support summon, Lucifer summon, and Anat summon every other turn. Repeat from the top. What this does is make Celeste get caught in a loop of Bizarre Fog and Abyssal Fog, and therefore she doesn’t ever attack you; you only have to deal with the fact that your team is slowly losing HP from the poison effect.
2) When the opportunity arises, do a full party burst. If lucky, Tweyen’s Paralysis will land. When that happens, auto-attack as much as possible until Paralysis wears off, then return to 1.

This works up until the point that my team is about to succumb to poison, in which case I clear the Zombify effect with Arusha’s 1st skill, heal with the free blue potion, then return to the pattern. When my team is basically finished, I call for public backup. By that point I often have over 100,000 honors/points, a lead that usually holds up for me to get MVP.

What made this particular run succeed was the fact that Paralyze kept landing over and over–I believe it hit four times in a row (it’s usually possible to land it 1~2 times, but rarely more because enemies build up tolerance to Paralysis). Because of that, I was able to deal enough damage to take Celeste below 50%, which caused her to heal my party back to full. I used the Robomi summon to remove Celeste’s light resistance buff, which made the last 50% of the fight much more manageable.

Even with all the luck on my side, it came down to the very wire–I was completely out of potions, and after two turns I would’ve lost Djeeta and Arusha to poison. I had just enough HP and firepower to scrape out the battle. In the future, as my weapon pool improves, things will be easier, but for now I find it remarkable such a weak pool could get the job done.

Leviathan Magna

Weapon Pool Summon Pool
gbf-levi-magna-weapon-pool gbf-levi-magna-summon-pool

The team I used was Dark Fencer Djeeta (EX skill: Blind), Narmaya (Narumea AKA Naru), Vania (Vampy), and Defender Malinda (Beth). In the back were Amira and Magisa.

Frankly speaking, Leviathan magna wouldn’t be so bad if only there were some way to reliably avoid its first ougi. Its ougi either does Tidal Fall–which kills at least 1 if not 2 characters–or Azure Spike, a brutal debuff that makes afflicted allies heal instead of do damage with attacks. Getting hit by either basically kills off any chance at soloing Levi. By the time it does its second ougi, the water carbuncle should be ready to go, so Tidal Fall is slightly more manageable.

Well, the first thing that went right was the fact that Vampy landed her charm on Levi. Vampy’s debuffs have a high success rate against light, but are far less reliable off-element. Until I get the Cosmic Axe SPEC, I can’t expect Vampy’s charm to succeed more often than not. The second thing was that charm blocked Levi’s first ougi, an absolute lifesaver. This gave me the time to push Levi into overdrive, do a full party burst with Naru’s Kyougasuigetsu active, and get it into break. When Levi finally got a chance to ougi, the fight was close to finished, and I simply had Beth sacrifice herself on Tidal Fall, then burst it down.

It’s not as improbable as the Celeste run, but the odds of charming Levi and then the charm blocking Levi’s ougi aren’t, well, good. Whereas I simply need to improve my light pool to make it easier to solo Celeste, I’ll need a fundamentally different strategy to beat Levi consistently.

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