It’s been 24 Weeks of Granblue Fantasy

Current Events:
“So Close and Yet So Far” story event
“By Any Other Name” story event

• 1 rank gained, 3 new characters.

Weapon Grids

This Week Last Week
week-24-dark week-23-dark
week-24-light week-23-light
week-24-fire week-23-fire
week-24-water week-23-water
week-24-earth week-23-earth
week-24-wind week-23-wind

The Past Week
• The Romeo and Juliet re-run/new event is taking place right now. I’ll write a quick thoughts post on it soon.
• Got two new characters from the current story event: Romeo (water SR) and Paris (earth SR). I also got Tanya (dark R) from the rupie draw.
• I mostly spent my time getting the last few materials I needed to upgrade my SR Bahamut Axe.

The Future
• The Celestials re-run is next week.

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