Quick Thoughts – “So Close and Yet So Far” + “By Any Other Name”



Also known as the Romeo and Juliet event, “So Close and Yet So Far” is a story event re-run, while “By Any Other Name” is the direct sequel to it, and this the latter’s debut. It’s similar to the Robomi and Robomi: Generations events that were packaged together. The event runs from 30 September through 8 October.


“So Close and Yet So Far” is a retelling of the classic “Romeo and Juliet” play by Shakespeare, with a few, uh, twists. Several of the most famous lines e.g. “Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo?” and “It was the nightingale, and not the lark” are reenacted.

The story starts to really deviate around the penultimate chapter (chapter 6), and the true villain is just bizarre; but overall I thought it was okay. I’d put it somewhere in the middle.

“By Any Other Name”, however… felt awful. Romeo decides to return to Verona, becomes an edge-lord, and does a bunch of selfish things. Somehow, it’s all for saving his people. It was a completely pointless sequel that left a bad taste with the ending, and I think it takes the mantle for “worst story in a story event” thus far. At least Paris and Juliet became playable characters, although Juliet can only be obtained from the premium gacha.


Spoilers, etc. The raid boss of “So Close and Yet So Far” is Oxymoron. It doesn’t really do much except for a special move called ‘Contradiction’, which seems to function like gravity (in Final Fantasy games, not the gravity in Granblue Fantasy). It deals more plain/non-elemental damage to you when you have more HP, but does no damage when your party falls below some threshold like 20% HP. It can look scary, but really isn’t. Teams/characters that take advantage of enmity (backwater) will have a field day.

Lord Montague, raid boss of “By Any Other Name”, is a different story. The biggest problem is that it’s very difficult to debuff him off-element for whatever reason. Other than that, his ougi kinda hurt. One does moderate AoE damage with annoying debuffs, the other is a weaker ougi that places a “Holy Mark of the Dead” status effect on the party. The next turn he does a powerful strike called “Pflug”on two random party members, somewhat similar to Dark Angel Olivia’s overdrive (OD) ougi. Pflug also seems to activate on HP triggers, though I’m not sure about the exact percentages (50% and 25%?). At any rate, Lord Montague is one of the more difficult story event raid bosses to solo. Unless you play earth.


Rather than talk about what’s useless (most things), what’s actually useful this time?


Well no, I wouldn’t call the Escalus Harp useful, but farmable SSR harps don’t come by all that often. If you play fire Superstar and haven’t acquired an element changed Nine-Realm Harp (GW harp), the Escalus Harp is usable as a stopgap measure.


The event summon from “By Any Other Name” was legit useful, something we haven’t seen in a while. Unfortunately, the only way to fully uncap it (max limit break) was via beating all three Nightmare Lord Montague challenges, or getting lucky flips.

Challenge Quests

I thought they were quite easy. For “A Moment Eternal”, the challenge quest for “So Close and Yet So Far”, your team is the player character, Silva (water SSR), Romeo (water SR), and Sahli Lao (water SR). On Oxymoron’s stage, I got my party ready for a full chain burst, used Silva’s first and second skills, and let it rip. Silva did nearly 1 million damage by herself, and the chain burst bonus finished off Oxymoron. My water weapon pool wasn’t even very good.

As for “A King’s Determination”, I feel there’s not much to say. Just use Paris’s counter/dodge skills against Lord Montague’s charge attacks (ougi), and keep Juliet safe with her second skill when she runs out of Spirit Shrouds.

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