Getting Started – THE iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls


The Cinderella Girls collab is just hours away from returning to Granblue Fantasy. There’s a number of tie-in rewards you can redeem depending on your progress in THE iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls (AKA Deremasu), but maybe you haven’t started to play it yet because you’re not sure what to do. Fear not, as there is still time to begin. Here is a quick primer on getting started.

The first thing you have to do is actually acquire the game. On a smartphone that runs on Android OS, you can use this link, but I personally prefer to play the Chrome App version of the game on PC, which you can download from here. (Note: “THE iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls Starlight Stage” is a different game from “THE iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls”. It is the latter which this post is concerned with.)

After you install and open it, you are asked to login. As this is Mobage, the same platform that Granblue Fantasy (GBF) uses, just provide the same e-mail and password that you used for GBF. The game will ask you to pick one of three categories of idols that you prefer most: Cute, Cool, or Passion. I don’t think the choice particularly matters outside of which idol you start with, but I went with “Cute”, which gave me Uzuki. You’ll then be run through some tutorial. When that’s all done, you’ll finally be ready to play.

There’s a useful guide on the GBF Proboards Forums that tells you what you need to accomplish in the game in order to unlock characters in Granblue Fantasy, as well as a rough overview of how to play the game.

I’ve also made a video guide that demonstrates how to do basic functions in the game, which I hope proves to be useful if just looking at screenshots isn’t clear enough to you.

That should be sufficient info to get you started. Good luck!


• Claim SR Airi from the crate and set her as the leader as soon as possible. You should win every idol battle with her at the helm.
• From areas 1-14, new areas cost 0 stamina to run. When you level up, your stamina bar resets to full. Due to this, you can get “free” experience from going back to an old area, running it until your stamina bar is nearly empty, then returning to the newest area and running it until you level up. That probably sounds complicated, so let me give a concrete example:
You just cleared Area 1, and are currently in Area 2 (costs 0 stamina to run because it’s new). You can return to Area 1, re-run it until your stamina bar is almost empty, then return to Area 2, which still costs 0 stamina. Continue on Area 2 until you level up, which refills your stamina bar. Now you can go back to a previous area, run it until you run out of stamina, and return to the newest area. Rinse and repeat. Doing this should help you eke out a bit of extra experience when you finally reach area 15-1. Most likely, you’ll be around level 28~30 when the free stamina bonus runs out.
• Yes, the “game” really is little else but clicking/spamming the blue button. I know, it’s the worst mobage I’ve ever played too. Try not to fall asleep.
It’s currently unknown at this time what conditions you have to meet in Deremasu in order to unlock Anya in GBF. If I had to place bets, I’d guess you have to reach level 50 in Deremasu. Edit: To unlock Anya in GBF, you merely had to complete the first panel missions in Deremasau.

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