It’s been 25 Weeks of Granblue Fantasy

Current Events:
“Rise of the Beasts” (Celestial Beasts) event

• 1 rank gained, 6 new characters.

Weapon Pools

This Week Last Week
week-25-dark week-24-dark
week-25-light week-24-light
week-25-fire week-24-fire
week-25-water week-24-water
week-25-earth week-24-earth
week-25-wind week-24-wind

The Past Week
• Cleared out half elixirs, soul berries, rupies, SR weapon tickets, champion merits (silver certificates), and supreme merits (gold certificates) from the “Rise of the Beasts” (Celestial Beasts AKA Celestials) event. Now that I can usually solo each celestial beast in 3 minutes or fewer, the daily missions no longer feel like the chore they used to be.
• Did some co-op farming to collect materials I needed to upgrade Nirvana. At this point, there’s only three materials I’m still short on: Silver Centrum (I have 1, but need 3), mage creeds (I have 4, but need 25 more), and pilgrim distinctions (14 more days). The mage creeds worry me the most, as I’m very close to having enough Heavenly Horns to trade for a second Silver Centrum. I have the feeling the mage creeds will be the thing that holds me back at the end.
• Lots of new characters this week. Two of them came from SR weapon tickets: Ezecrain (fire SR) and Vane (water SR). Additionally, I got Vanzaa (earth R) and Barawa (fire R) from the rupie draw. Sahli Lao (water SR) came from a SR/SSR ticket Cygames gave as compensation for yet another one of their screw-ups, and lastly I bought the surprise ticket to nab Ferry (light SSR).
• Played a bit of “THE iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls” (AKA Deremasu) in anticipation of the Cinderella Girls collab. If you thought Tales of Asteria was bad, well. Deremasu takes the cake for the worst mobage I’ve ever played.

The Future
• The Cinderella Girls collab is almost here–it begins in less than two days, I believe. I’m not sure I’ll hit it hard because to my knowledge it doesn’t offer light or dark unknown weapons, but since several new characters will be introduced, we’ll just have to wait and see.

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