First Colossus Magna solo


やっと出来ました。 I finally did it.

I felt like there was no way I would solo Colossus magna any time soon. My water teams are hopelessly weak, Colossus has a ton of health and very annoying charge attacks (ougi), and I have no answer to Dimensional Cleave (Dimension Slash).

However, I had just added a Cosmic Axe to my dark weapon pool, and thought I would run a Colo magna for kicks. The team I used was Superstar (EX: Miserable Mist), Narmaya (AKA Naru), Vania (Vampy), and Tweyen (Song).

I got a huge break when I did a full chain burst attack and Tweyen’s Paralyze landed on Colossus. It was at 3 charge diamonds, and I would have been smacked by one of its painful ougi otherwise. This gave me enough time to push Colossus into Overdrive and remove two charge diamonds via Vampy’s second skill and Dark Angel Olivia summon. When Colossus was at full charge again, and just over 50% HP, I did another full chain burst, and Paralyze hit yet again. This gave me enough time to bring Colossus down to around 3% HP, where I finished it off with Vampy’s dispel/nuke. In short, two very timely Paralyzes helped me avoid Dimensional Cleave and Colo’s ougi entirely, and I had just enough firepower to contend with its high health.

Landing Tweyen’s ougi paralyze on an off-element enemy twice in a row isn’t very common, so I definitely can’t consistently solo Colo yet. But the stars happened to align on this run, and now I’ve finally soloed all of the 6 main Magna raids at least once. It’s a nice feeling, seeing the returns on the work you put into building your teams and weapon pool(s).

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