74 Premium Draw Rolls (2016/10/20)

On the first day of Halloween Cagliostro’s (and Halloween Ferry’s) rate-up, I had 80 rolls saved up over a period of nearly three months, and I was determined to use every single one in hopes of getting Halloween Cagliostro.

The long and short of it is that I got Halloween Cagliostro on the 74th roll, as well as Lady Grey and my first Onyx Carbuncle (AKA darkbuncle). While I got only two SSR characters (2.7%, not far off from the 3% SSR rate), I’m very happy with both as they bolstered my dark teams considerably (I had only two dark SSR characters previously). Meanwhile, the darkbuncle is very valuable for survival in the final two phases of Bahamut HL as well as the best attack boost to dark teams, so it’s also quite a boon.

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