It’s been 27 Weeks of Granblue Fantasy

Current Events:
“Phantasm Banquet” event (Halloween themed Unite & Fight event)

• 4 ranks gained, 9 new characters.

Weapon Pools

This Week Last Week
week-27-dark week-26-dark
week-27-light week-26-light
week-27-fire week-26-fire
week-27-water week-26-water
week-27-earth week-26-earth
week-27-wind week-26-wind

• I had to reduce an Ygg staff for staff stones (for Nirvana), which is why my earth pool went backwards.

The Past Week
• This week was all about completing Nirvana. Nirvana is the class weapon for the Priest/Cleric/Bishop/Sage line, and it’s one of the three most popular class weapons people make, along with Oliver and Nebuchad. It was my top priority because I wanted to unlock row IV classes as soon as possible. I mainly lacked mage creeds, so I did a lot of co-op farming on the EX1-3 crystal, and incidentally picked up a lot of rank points as well.
• Most new characters came from my chase for Halloween Cagliostro (dark SSR). That netted Cailana (water R), Lady Grey (dark SSR), Halloween Ferry (light SR), Joel (water R), Anna (fire SR), Suframare (water R), and Keehar (wind SR).
• I also got Yodarha (water R) from one of the daily free premium gacha draws as part of the Spooky Special.

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