Quick Thoughts – “Cinderella Fantasy” Collab Events

Sorry about the lack of updates recently. It’s mainly because I’m lazy, but the past two weeks have been quite eventful.

gbf-cinderella-fantasy-snowy-mountain-story-preview gbf-cinderella-fantasy-girls-keep-on-dreaming-preview


“Cinderella Fantasy – Snowy Mountain Story” was a brand new THE iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls collaboration event, while “Cinderella Fantasy – Girls Keep on Dreaming” was an event re-run. The two ran together from 14 October to 24 October.


These collab events were really good, with something for almost everyone except for wind players. Fire and earth players benefited the most thanks to the Sombre Axe and マルメテル・ハンマ (AKA Wurst Axe), the two best unknown/strength/collab weapons to date thanks to the fact they have 4* uncaps (limit breaks), which means better stats, and ATK II skills. Dark players who weren’t around for the Tales collab could also use the Sombre Knife (dark SR dagger) as a poverty option for a dark unknown weapon.

There were also eight new characters–three if you’ve played “Girls Keep on Dreaming” before. Two are fire (Mio and Miria), two are water (Rin and Anastasia AKA Anya), two are light (Uzuki and Sachiko), one is earth (Airi), and one is dark (Ranko). 5 of them–Anastasia, Rin, Uzuki, Airi, and Ranko–are considered to be top-of-line SR characters.

Anyway, that’s about all I’ve got to say. XIEi had good write-ups on each event, so I felt there wasn’t much for me to add.

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