Quick Thoughts – Fan Favorites Poll #12

It’s that time again! My post about Fan Favorites Poll #11, the previous one, can be found here.

For poll #12, I voted:

SSR character – Forte (dark)
SR character – Sen (fire)
R character – Mary (fire)
Summon – Athena (fire)

And the results:

SSR Characters
• Vira and Vania (Vampy) took the top two spots again.
• Jeanne D’arc, possibly because of her 5* last month, broke into the top three, pushing down Naru, Forte, and Ferry.
• Amira fell out of the top 10. RIP. Amusingly, the character who got in was Juliet. Juliet has pretty much replaced Amira in light teams because Juliet’s firepower, especially her charge attack (ougi), is too good to ignore.
• Other than that, some characters shuffled spots (Cagliostro went up, Percival went down).

SR Characters
• Seeeeen! After handily winning the favorite SR characters poll the past two times, Sen has finally been dethroned by Cucouroux. Sen’s popularity made sense–she was both cute and powerful, a winning combination. Cucouroux has the cute part down, but I don’t know how useful she is in battle. It’ll be interesting to see how much staying power she has.
• Jessica and Noa(??) also made it into the top 10, while Goblin Mage, Teena, and Laguna dropped out. Jessica might’ve gotten a boost thanks to the release of her earth SR version last month (which put her in the same element as her younger brother Ayer).

R Characters
• Camieux is still the queen of R characters as she won again by an overwhelming margin. Funny how she and her sister won the R and SR character categories–now if only Silva could take the top SSR spot for a clean sweep by the family.

SSR Summons
• Same top 4 as last time, but interestingly enough Varuna moved up considerably. The previous poll as taken 2~3 weeks after a re-run of Cerberus and Fenrir Showdown. That re-run was when the Fenrir bow was introduced, a weapon that shook up the meta of water builds. I think back then people hadn’t fully appreciated just how powerful Fenrir bows were (when leading with Varuna), so it’s only now that we see how much Varuna is desired.

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