Guild war Afterparty Blues

In the wake of a pretty successful Phantasm Banquet event (Halloween themed version of the “Unite & Fight” [AKA Guild War] event) in which my crew went 3-2 in its first taste of GW finals (also my first experience of it), three crew members left.

I don’t intend to get too detailed about it because drama within the crew should stay within the crew, but one person was essentially kicked out because they “died” on us (ceased communications weeks ago), and two people left of their own volition for reasons not fully known. However, one of those people stated they didn’t feel comfortable in the crew, and losing them was a huge blow because they were arguably our strongest crew member.

Personally, it hit me hard because I really looked up to them. They joined the crew about a week after I did, and they were a dark main like me (at the time I joined, the only dark mains were the captain and me). They were twenty ranks ahead of me at the time, so I sought advice from them about things like building dark weapon pools, choosing Cosmic weapons, class weapon stuff, preparation for row IV classes, etc.

Anyway, what’s happened has happened, and there’s no use dwelling over it.

Rather, it’s all part of the experience of being in a crew, I guess. Back when I joined the current one, there was something like 10 people. We’ve gradually grown and now it’s completely full. It makes me proud to watch us grow from not much to something and finally compete in GW finals, and even manage a winning record.

However, I have to admit that it’s gotten a bit hard to follow things in the channel as more and more people joined. The last 15 or so people who joined the crew, other than one of them who is a friend from IRC, I don’t know too well. Sometimes I can’t even remember what element they main. In the past, I’d always scroll up to see what I missed in the main channel, but nowadays there’s sometimes so much activity that I simply can’t keep up.

It’s inevitable that people come and go, and people you like may leave someday. Unlike my first/previous crew, I’m not really friends with the people in my current crew outside of Granblue Fantasy, so if people leave, I’m pretty much out of touch with them for good.

Anyway, I don’t know where I’m going with this. After an exhilarating GW experience, it was a downer to see several people leave, and it put me in a contemplative mood. I’ve got to enjoy things in the moment, but change is inevitable. People will come and go, and someday it may be my turn as well.

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