It’s been 28 Weeks of Granblue Fantasy

Current Events: “A Peace of the Pie” Story Event

• 2 ranks gained, 3 new characters.

Weapon Pools

This Week Last Week
week-28-dark week-27-dark
week-28-light week-27-light
week-28-fire week-27-fire
week-28-water week-27-water
week-28-earth week-27-earth
week-28-wind week-27-wind

The Past Week
• My crew went 3-2 in our first Guild Wars finals. We got a bit lucky with our opponents, but overall it was a good performance.
• I played around with the Berserker and Bandit Tycoon row IV classes. They’re quite fun.
• New characters I got this week were Volenna (earth R), who came from a single draw ticket I used during legfest; Lilele (water SSR), who arrived from a ten draw during legfest; and Lily (water SR), the free character from the “A Peace of the Pie” story event.

The Future
• I’m not sure what’s coming up soon. Arcarum was supposed to have a mulligan this month, but it seems the new producer scrapped it.

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