It’s been 29 Weeks of Granblue Fantasy

Current Events:
“A Peace of the Pie” Story Event

• 1 rank gained, 1 new character.

Weapon Pools

This Week Last Week
week-29-dark week-28-dark
week-29-light week-28-light
week-29-fire week-28-fire
week-29-water week-28-water
week-29-earth week-28-earth
week-29-wind week-28-wind

The Past Week
• I decided to work toward my second Eternal (Guild War AKA GW) character, so I started to collect island materials like the feathers on Port Breeze Archipelago, Untamed Flame on Valtz Duchy, etc. etc. Got a long way to go, but there’s no rush since there’s no GW this month.
• I finally got around to recruiting Ranko Kanzaki (dark SR). I got the truly annoying stuff out of the way about two weeks ago (summoning Brunnhilde 666 times, last hitting Tiamat/Colossus/Leviathan/Yggdrasil/Luminiera/Celeste with the Ranko Kanzaki summon), but lacked the champion merits (silver certificates) to uncap several idols who needed to be leveled up to 70. Ranko is interesting, but it’s hard to see many situations where she can be used to her full potential.

The Future
• “Rise of the Beasts” (AKA Celestial Beasts) returns tomorrow and lasts about a week. I’ve decided to get a Suzaku katana from the event because I want to work on my fire weapon pool soon.

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