Quick Thoughts – “A Peace of the Pie” Story Event


I’m tempted to just leave a link to the event summary on the Granblue Fantasy Wiki and call it a day.

The story was okay, and I liked it. As the preview image says, three factions live on an island with deep suspicion of each other, and war threatens to break out when the Souval’s leader is assassinated. However, Lily desperately wants to find a peaceful/diplomatic solution, and I found her efforts moving.

The event weapon is a melee weapon with poor stats, but surprisingly it has an unknown/mysterious/collab/strength skill on it. First time I’ve heard of an unknown weapon in a story event. They normally only come from collab events. If this is the beginning of a trend of unknown weapons in story events, at least that’s cool. At any rate, the Souval Gauntlet comes right on the heels of the Sombre Axe, and the latter has infinitely better stats so there’s honestly no reason to use the former.

Grueler was an annoying event/raid boss. Extremely difficult to land basic debuffs like Miserable Mist on him if you don’t play a water team, and you’re pretty much forced to bring a damage cut for his 25% HP trigger skill (Crimson Fist). I guess it makes sense to scale up the difficulty of newer event bosses since there’s so many strong players now, but it makes solo farming kind of difficult if you’re only halfway decent with one element, and that element doesn’t have elemental advantage.

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