Re-run November

November’s event schedule was released four days ago, and it’s re-runs all over:


According to Granblue Channel #54 near the end of October, Arcarum was supposed to return in November, but the “new” producer Kimura sent it back to the drawing board. It seems that Rise of the Beasts (AKA Celestial Beasts) was brought back to take its place. I’m perfectly fine with that. It’s just a bit weird since it felt like Rise of the Beasts was on a bimonthly schedule, so this may have repercussions on December’s schedule. I can’t imagine they’ll run Celestials three months in a row, but I guess we can only wait and see.

“Yesterday’s Scars and Tomorrow’s Hope” is Aster’s event (wind SR). Aster is some cute Erune. I don’t know if she’s considered good/useful, but at least people like her. The event summon is Marduk.

The event character of “Defender’s Oath” is Vane (water SR), while the summon is Sylph.

Lastly, the event character of “Four Knights of a Fallen Land” is Lancelot (water SR), while the summon is Fafnir.

Finally, there’s a new story event at the end of the month.

One will notice that there’s no “Unite & Fight” (Guild War) event this month. Based on previous years, there are 10 GWs each year, which means two months get a break. In other words, this is normal. I welcome it because it gives people time to rebuild their stockpile of elixirs/half-elixirs for the next GW event.

All the story event re-runs are kind of a bummer, to me anyway. On one hand, I’m glad because it seems that they’ll get around to every old story event eventually. But the only old story event that I really care about–“Song of Serpent Island”–has yet to have its turn. None of the event characters nor summons particularly interest me, so in all likelihood I’ll only do the bare minimum for crystals, and spend the rest of my time collecting materials for the GW character grind.

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