Back to the Grind


Foreboding Clover x 2
Blood Amber x 20
True Light Anima x 2
Radiant Whorl x 265
Rainbow Prism x 146
Champion Merit x 13

That, and a max limit break (MLB) Ten-Wolf Gun are all that separate me from a second Eternal (Guild War AKA GW) character.

I recruited my first GW character Tweyen (Song) back in mid-September, and all the material farming I had to do burned me out a bit. After I was done I thought, “I’m never doing that again!”

But after about a month and half, I felt I was ready to take aim at acquiring another GW character, and I decided to go for everyone’s favorite item drop placebo, Tien (Esser).

She’s unremarkable in combat, other than increasing Bounty Hunter stacks, but apparently her support skill increases one’s item drop rate, and it even works when she’s in the back row. Since Granblue Fantasy has so much grinding and farming involved, it seems like a good deal to farm for her… so you can farm better in the future. Besides that, I’m choosing her for aesthetic reasons (the most important reason).

But anyway, I’m a bit surprised at how it’s not that difficult to get a GW character the second time around. I’ve been farming the materials at a leisurely pace, and all that’s left now is quite simple except for the 146 Rainbow Prisms. Somehow, I knew it would be Rainbow Prisms again. Good thing there’s still plenty of time before the next Guild Wars.

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