Quick Thoughts – November Rebalance Details

Original news post in Japanese
English translation provided by Grancypher

Main Quest AP Consumption
All main quest chapters up to Chapter 40 will have their AP cost reduced to 0 for their first clear.

Great stuff for new/beginning players. Chapter 40 is roughly halfway through all the story episodes available at this time. Most importantly, it covers the first 24 chapters, where the six main primal beasts are (Tiamat, Colossus, Leviathan, Yggdrasil, Luminiera/Chevalier, Celeste).

Main Quest Elixir Limit
The elixir usage limit for the battles in Chapter 61, 62, and 63 will be removed.

I don’t remember chapter 61, but chapter 62 is Akasha, and chapter 63 is Black Knight. I remember I had to re-try both fights a couple times before I could beat them. Letting people choose whether to burn an elixir on them or just retry with a rebound bonus sounds fair enough to me.

Time Limited Quests
Time limited quests is being removed. Players will be able to challenge Angel Halo at any time. The ★ Angel Halo will return as a EXTREME difficulty quest, and enemies will also be stronger.

This is HUGE, and easily the most relevant change to me. Star Angel Halo AKA Star Halo is very important because it’s the best source for whorls and the most basic elemental orbs, two materials that you need a ton of when fully upgrading a Revenant (Guild War) weapon. However, it is available only once a day for an hour, you have to look up the schedule somewhere else (e.g. Twitter), and sometimes the time can be quite inconvenient.

It remains to be seen how much AP the new Angel Halo EXTREME will cost per run, and if the drops will be better or just the same as before.

Lily (water SSR)
New support ability.

Lily had probably the worst support ability in the game, one that increased her attack against “divine birds”… but there are hardly any “divine birds” in the game. She now gains a Tezcat-like support ability in that her attack increases proportional to the number of different races on the team. I assume it counts the backrow as well, since the player character and Lily are both Unknown type. Lily isn’t an attacker so there’s no reason to seriously plan the team around her new support skill, but it’s leagues better than her old one so that’s quite nice.

Aliza (fire SSR)
Increased damage for various skills.

I don’t see anybody use Aliza in the first place, but I guess it’s cool she’ll get some buffs.

Laguna (earth SR)
The effect of Support Ability Omar’s [Odyssey] will be changed to raise stats even if damage was taken.

I’m not going to lie, I’ve never noticed if Omar’s Odyssey didn’t gain a stack due to Laguna taking damage before. But assuming the wording is correct, that’s how it currently is. It’s minor but I welcome it since I like to use Laguna on my earth teams.

Rosamia (light SSR)
The Super Attack when afflicted by Curse of the Mask will do Additional Damage.
The Super Attack will now inflict Curse of the Mask upon Rosamia.

This interests me because I’ve wanted Rosamia for a while, even though I’m unlikely to get her. The wording suggests she performs extra damage during ougi (when cursed) in a similar manner to Juliet. If that’s true then Rosamia will become considerably more powerful, although it’s unlikely to shake up light’s current meta. The fact that her ougi will inflict Curse of the Mask on herself sounds double-edged. Her attacks are more powerful when cursed, but she can’t heal either. Maybe the two changes balance out.

Vira (dark SSR)
The Super Gauge cost for activating Chevalier Merge will be reduced to 50%.

That’s crazy. She’ll be able to Luminiera Merge and be able to ougi the next turn in a full-party burst. It’s a pretty good buff.

Kaguya summon
Kaguya’s Aura will receive the additional effect of Raising Item Drop Rate by 20% (25% at 3★).

RIP White Rabbit. There’s a new sheriff in town. For everyone else who already own the Kaguya summon–congrats, you hit the jackpot.

Soft Cap for Inflicted Damage

While I think this is a good idea in general, it could be viewed as a nerf of sorts to Dark Sarunan. He’s already considered to be the worst SSR in the entire game, and his single point of usefulness–dealing a ridiculous amount of damage in a gimmicky setup involving Summer Zooey–will soon be taken away.

Weapon Skill Stamina

It was good while it lasted. The Fenrir Bow is getting nerfed, although we’re still waiting to see if it’s a minor nerf or if it’s getting completely gutted. Admittedly, Fenrir Bows with the Varuna summon was probably too good, especially for a non-gacha weapon. These were teams that packed more than 30,000 HP per ally that had strong firepower as well.

White Rabbit

Its item drop rate will be improved, and Belle Sylphid will increase the chance of it showing up. About time. Too bad this comes as the White Rabbit’s value goes down thanks to the Kaguya summon buff.

Multi-Battle / Co-Op Skin Display

Awesome news! Knowing what classes people are playing is extremely important in 6 man HL raids, as well as Bahamut HL. I love how the Lord of Vermillion costume looks, but unfortunately one can’t tell if the person using it is playing the Dark Fencer or Holy Saber class (there’s also the chance of Weapon Master and Sword Master, although those are uncommon).

Casino Prize Cost

It’s cool that the cost of several casino cage items are going down, but what’s not so cool is the daily exchange limit of gold anima going from 3 to 1. On one hand, it means I don’t have to spend nearly as much time playing 1k poker as before, but on the other it means I have to spend more AP running hard/normal primal raids.

Event Stuff

Basically, some of the story event re-runs have been modified to be more like collab events. Instead of multi-raid battles and tokens, materials are collected from running special quests, which can be traded for the event rewards. I feel like this hurts beginning/novice players because it’s very difficult for them to trade for good event rewards. But the timing is convenient since there’s a magnafest going on right now, so there’s no need to decide whether to spend EP (BP) on story event raids or magna raids.

Damascus Bar

This is sort-of a big deal to low/non-IAP light players because it provides them a way to obtain Damascus bars without spending obscene amounts of money. Damascus bars are important to them because they make it easier to uncap (limit break) Chevalier swords, which have a notoriously low drop rate and limited supply in the pendant shop.

It’s late and I’m super tired, so I’ll keep this brief–overall, this November rebalance stuff is disappointing. The most meaningful buff is probably the one to the Kaguya summon, and Angel Halo being available all the time is also pretty nice. The character buffs are pretty minor and affect mostly characters that not many people use. Water deservedly(?) will be nerfed, but it’s kind of sad because it was the least popular element for a long time, and it finally had its turn to shine. Even with Fenrir bows as they are now, dark is still widely considered the strongest element in the game.

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