It’s Been 31, 32 Weeks of Granblue Fantasy

Another two-week post because I put off last week’s summary way too long.

Current Events:
“Defender’s Oath” Story Event (Redux)
“Four Knights of a Fallen Land” Story Event (Redux)
1/2 AP/EP most raids (“Magnafest”), 1/2 AP co-op, 1/2 AP story events

week-32-profile week-31-stats

• 2 ranks gained, 4 new characters.

Week 32 Week 31
week-32-dark week-31-dark
week-32-light week-31-light
week-32-fire week-31-fire
week-32-water week-31-water
week-32-earth week-31-earth
week-32-wind week-31-wind

Week 31
• I think the main feature was “Defender’s Oath”. I ran it until I had enough materials to trade for 2 Damascus Ores. I don’t have the patience to grind for the third (and last) ore.
• New characters were Aster (wind SR), the free event character of “Yesterday’s Scars and Tomorrow’s Hope”, and Will (dark SR), who I got from a single draw ticket I used for the heck of it on a dark rate up day for the premium gacha.

Week 32
• Working on “Four Knights of a Fallen Land” to get at least two more Damascus Ore. I probably won’t go for a third one like before.
• I did a couple runs of Bahamut HL until I had the materials to upgrade my Bahamut Axe to Bahamut Axe Coda, as mentioned in another post.
• New characters this week were Vane (water SR), the free event character of “Defender’s Oath”, and Lancelot (water SR), the free event character of “Four Knights of a Fallen Land”.

The Future
• I finished gathering all the materials I need for a second Eternal (guild war AKA GW) character, so I’m not entirely sure what to work on now. I guess I’ll mainly devote myself to raising the Bahamut dagger skill level to 10 (currently 8), then skilling up the weapons in my light and fire weapon pools.

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