Quick Thoughts – Re: November Rebalance Changes

Well, the changes have taken affect, and I feel ambivalent about the results.

Does more anima drop from normal/hard raids? The drop rate definitely seems to be better, but I’m uncertain it’s enough to make spending AP on hard raids worth it after renown pendant weekly caps have been hit. Even at 0 AP during magnafest, I feel lazy about doing all 36 normal+hard raids. In the same amount of time I could have made a couple million chips in the casino by playing 1k poker. Verdict: Meh.

Fenrir bows: They’re dead, Jim. From what I understand, at max skill level (15) and 100% HP, they grant 15% ATK (down from 23% ATK pre-nerf), and they no longer scale linearly with HP. They have more of an exponential curve, which means the ATK drop-off is steep below full HP. Frankly, they got hit far harder than I expected, and I feel bad for anyone who put the time and effort into getting 4+ MLB Fenrir bows. They have the right to be very pissed off. Verdict: RIP water players.

Rosamia (SSR): Her extra damage on ougi when cursed is MASSIVE, even more than Juliet. Due to the fact she gets cursed again for 4 turns on ougi, she can have 100% curse uptime. While it’s probably dubious to use Rosamia in long HL raids, I think she’s become considerably more valuable in quick, short fights like omega (magna) raids and Unite & Fight (guild war AKA GW) raids. Rosamia/Ferry/Juliet is an incredibly cheesy team during strike time (assault time). Verdict: Count yourself lucky if you own her already.

Angel Halo: Extreme costs 40 AP, twice as much as before, and the enemies are a lot stronger–I can’t just turn on auto attack and do something else when my support summon is White Rabbit/Kaguya. Sure, it’s convenient to be able to run it whenever I want to, but the cost is so steep yet the rewards are unchanged. Verdict: Meh.

Kaguya summon: Not only is she now the best farming support because of the 20%/25% item drop rate increase, she also grants auto-revive to your entire party, which lets you safely attack a couple times without worrying about losing any party members. Verdict: Awesome!

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