Quick Thoughts – “Defender’s Oath” Story Event (Redux)


Event summary on the Granblue Fantasy English Wiki


The kingdom of Feendrache’s prosperity is derived from the primal beast Sylph, thanks to its ability to create an extract called “alma” that can cure any ailment. But the kingdom is thrown into disarray when Sylph is swallowed up by the dragon Fafnir, and it turns out there’s a dark secret lurking behind the scenes.

I’m not sure what to say about the story, but I thought it was all right. Poor Sylph–first she gets eaten by a dragon, then her innocence is used against her by the villain of the story.


No value here at all. Balmung (SSR fire sword) has passable stats thanks to a 4* uncap (limit break), but its main skill is HP II–no ATK II, not even ATK I. As such, I can’t recommend it beyond skill up fodder.

Sylph is completely useless–mediocre stats, bad leader skill even at 3*–but you could reduce her for fire quartz if desperate. I guess she’s kinda cute for a primal beast.

The only thing worth trading for were the Damascus Crystals.

November Rebalance Change

As mentioned in the November Rebalance post, this event redux/renewal/re-run was modified so that there were no raids. Instead of collecting tokens to use in a special token draw, you run special event quests to collect materials to trade for items.

This makes the event more like a collaboration event than the typical story event. It’s a mixed bag. It’s not good for newer/weaker players, who probably aren’t strong enough to beat Very Hard difficulty quests on their own (Hard difficulty is unlikely to drop several materials needed to trade for the SSR weapon/summon).

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