Quick Thoughts – “Four Knights of a Fallen Land” Story Event (Redux)


Event summary on the Granblue Fantasy English Wiki


This is a direct sequel to “Defender’s Oath”, and the story picks up not long after the events of “Defender’s Oath”. Thanks to inside help, the villain of “Defender’s Oath” was freed from the dungeons, and is out for revenge. Lancelot is ambushed at a banquet and captured. The player character’s party, accompanied by Percival (or accompanying him, from his perspective), return to Feendrache and help rescue Lancelot. Now it’s up to the four knights–Percival, Lancelot, Siegfried, Vane–to defeat the villain once again.

It’s a solid sequel. There’s some stuff that I feel could use more exposition and go more in-depth, but on the whole, it was OK. At least it was a far better sequel than “By Any Other Name”.


The Dragon Spear (SSR fire spear) isn’t completely terrible. Stats are typically mediocre as expected of a 3* event weapon, but spears have decent value as main hand weapons for the Bishop/Sage and Holy Saber/Sparta classes. I think it’s an acceptable placeholder until you acquire an Athena spear.

On that note, Fafnir is an okay event summon. Like Veselago for light or Ebisu for water, Fafnir’s call (active) skill reduces fire resistance, which makes it essentially a defense debuffer for fire teams. I wouldn’t go out of my way to obtain it, however, because 3* Ifrit is just as good a leader as Fafnir. (Off-topic: Why the heck is Fafnir the summon for this event anyway? Unless the redux significantly changed the story, Fafnir doesn’t make any appearance in this story event at all!)

The Damascus Crystals, like “Defender’s Oath”, are the most valuable treasure in this event.

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