Quick Thoughts – “Between Frost and Flame” Story Event


Event Summary on the Granblue Fantasy English Wiki


This is a sequel to “Four Knights of a Fallen Land”. Near the end of Four Knights, it’s revealed that the instigator who helped the villain of Defender’s Oath/Four Knights came from the house of Wales, which Percival belongs to. Percival returns to his homeland to find out what’s going on, and discovers that his older brother, the lord of Wales, is the one responsible. It’s up to Percival to put an end to his brother’s schemes.

I liked this story. Percy mama the best. o7


I’m not sure what to make of the event summon, Dragon Knights. It’s absolutely useless as a leader, and the call (active) skill is randomly chosen out of four effects. The buff effects individually sound OK, but since you can’t pick which one you get, that hurts its usefulness. Personally, I wouldn’t aim for it, but I might end up getting four copies while pursuing the other treasure.

The Harp of Westerly Winds (SSR wind harp), on the other hand, may be good. It has the essential ATK II skill (albeit at Lv100), and an increased debuff success rate when equipped as the main hand weapon. At the very least, it looks like a budget substitute for a Nine-Realm (GW) Harp. Personally, I’ll be aiming to fully uncap (max limit break AKA MLB) one during this event. Unfortunately, one harp is locked behind 200 gold battle badges, so I pray that a harp flips from a raid.

Addendum (2016/12/06):
Something I failed to notice and mention was the fact that the harp’s skill is unknown/collaboration/strength type, and that means that this harp is currently wind’s best unknown weapon. Although a Lv150 SL15 Qinglong (Seiryuu) Spear is still stronger than a Lv100 SL10 Harp of Westerly Winds, the difference in damage is quite small, and it’s a lot easier to max out the Harp compared to the spear. While the harp isn’t necessary, it’s a very solid weapon for non-Cosmic gun wind builds.

The three Damascus Crystals are acquired by hitting total honors thresholds, and the last one is at 3 million. For people who can easily solo the event boss ‘Otherworld Key’, it shouldn’t be too difficult, just a bit time (and AP) consuming.

It’s been a long time since I last went for 3 million total honors in a story event (Robomi). By that metric, this is one of the best story events in a while.

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