Quick Thoughts – Final Limit Break: 5* SSR Light Jeanne d’Arc

Original News Post (Japanese)

Note: This post is meant to be somewhat modeled after Grancypher’s final limit break posts, although I haven’t bothered to translate most of the flavor text from the Japanese news post because I’m lazy.

Jeanne d'Arc (CV: Megumi Han)

Jeanne d’Arc (CV: Megumi Han)

Age: 19
Height: 158 cm (5'2")
Race: Human
Hobbies: Embroidery, Taking walks
Likes: People from her hometown(?), Sweetcakes full of butter
Dislikes: Feminine things (e.g. Make-up, dressing up, the subject of love, etc.)

Let’s take a look at Jeanne’s current abilities.

Reversal Reduce a foe’s DEF by 25%
Cooldown: 5 turns. Lasts: 180 seconds
Encouragement Boost to all allies’ ATK by 30%
Cooldown: 5 turns. Lasts: 3 turns
Advent Eternal 100% chance of triple attacks to self while in effect
Cooldown: 8 turns. Lasts: 2 turns
Charge Attack (Ougi)
Holy Spear Marte Massive light DMG to a foe
Sub Skill
La Pucelle Boost to critical hit rate

She can flourish in any party thanks to her simple but effective skills.

▼Once you limit break her…

Jeanne’s charge attack (ougi) deals more damage, and it gains the additional effect “Boost to light ATK” (only to Jeanne). This light ATK boost is similar to the kind bestowed by the Opal Carbuncle; I don’t know if the effect stacks with the Opal Carbuncle. According to the Granblue Fantasy English Wiki, the boost is 15%, and the effect lasts for two turns.

▼At Lv90…

Jeanne gets a new support ability.

The Battle Standard Rare chance to reduce the cooldowns on Jeanne’s skills by 1 turn when she receives damage

▼At Lv95…

Jeanne’s third skill “Advent Eternal” is upgraded. It gains the additional effect of “Strength”, which is the opposite of “Enmity”. In other words, Jeanne gains an attack boost that is proportional to how full her HP is.

▼Upon clearing the Fate Episode that appears at Lv100…

“Reversal” is upgraded to apply a 20% ATK down debuff to a foe in addition to the 25% DEF down. This effect can also stack with Miserable Mist.

Personal Commentary

I think Jeanne d’Arc’s 5* limit break, while very good, does little to change her current predicament. Before the upgrade, Jeanne was already considered a core character on light teams, but she’s primarily used for solo play. People typically don’t use her in raids because better options exist, and it remains that way after the 5*.

Of course, for the times that you would use Jeanne, this upgrade is excellent. Jeanne becomes a considerably more formidable attacker thanks to the increased damage on her ougi and the light attack buff she receives afterward, as well as the Stamina effect applied to her third skill.

She also helps her team’s survival thanks to the ATK down effect applied to her first skill, which can combine with Miserable Mist for 45% ATK/50% DEF down to an enemy. It pretty much makes EX Rain of Arrows III unnecessary to bring, which potentially frees up an EX slot for the player character. Although I wouldn’t recommend it, another possible application of Jeanne’s improved first skill is to use it as a substitute for Miserable Mist, and simply not bring Mist at all. Reversal has a lower hit rate than Mist so it’s riskier to rely on it, but it’s still something to consider when playing a class like Superstar.

Now, the reason why Jeanne isn’t typically used in raids is because her first skill “Reversal” is overridden by Berserkers with Armor Break II (or Dark Jeanne with Anti-Reversal, or 5* Lady Grey). Yes, her upgraded first skill has ATK down too, but that’s overridden by EX Rain of Arrows III. By the same token, Jeanne’s second skill “Encouragement” doesn’t see much use in raids because Berserkers have Rage IV. That leaves Jeanne with really only her third skill buff, which makes her an above average attacker for two turns every eight turns, and her ougi buff. This isn’t enough reason to use her over Juliet, light’s strongest attacker currently, and probably not even Amira. Jeanne might have better damage output than Tweyen (Song) now, but Song’s second skill Depravity and chance of 60 second Paralyze on ougi still gives the edge to Song in my view.

Thus, the light players I know seemed to be somewhat disappointed by Jeanne’s 5* limit break. Personally, I’d be quite happy if I managed to roll Jeanne d’Arc, but I wouldn’t spend a surprise ticket on her.


I was hoping for a larger sample, but these are some lineups that include 5* Jeanne d’Arc which I found (these videos were made shortly after Jeanne’s 5* was released, so nobody had her at Lv100 yet):

Light Superstar, Jeanne d’Arc, Ferry (SSR), Tweyen – Celeste Magna EXTREME Solo
Light Superstar, Jeanne d’Arc, Amira, Juliet – Smiling Giant Lv120 Nightmare
Light Superstar, Juliet, Jeanne d’Arc, Ferry (SSR) – Colossus Magna EXTREME Solo
Light Sage, Juliet, Jeanne d’Arc, Ferry (SSR) – Celeste Magna EXTREME Solo
Light Warlock, Jeanne d’Arc, Ferry (SSR), Juliet – Diablo Showdown MANIAC

There’s also Shisaya on Youtube, who uploaded a number of videos that used the lineup Light Superstar, Jeanne d’Arc, Juliet, Tweyen.

Jeanne is typically used in the second spot because she builds up charge quickly thanks to her third skill, Advent Eternal. The lineup seen most often was Jeanne, Ferry, Juliet (ignoring order). Ferry and Juliet were also the most common allies on the same team as Juliet, with Tweyen and Amira well behind.

If I recall correctly, the most popular light lineup for quick clears of Extreme+ during the Halloween Phantasm Banquet (October Guild War) was Jeanne, Ferry, Summer Heles.

At any rate, it seems that you should probably use Ferry and Juliet when building a team that has 5* Jeanne on it.

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  1. Dante says:

    You didn’t post in a long time did something happen?


    • freudianeu says:

      I’m still here! I haven’t updated recently mostly out of laziness*, but I have a lot of posts planned, and I’ll getting back up to speed soon.

      *One of the reasons why I didn’t post that often was because my main computer is signed into a different account for WordPress, so I used an old laptop for this blog. But I realized that I could simply use incognito mode on my main computer, so that makes things a lot more convenient.


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